Profiling is Just Fine with the Trumpette?

Indeed, if one is looking for ISIS type folk, one looks at many of a certain nationality, and if one is looking for Nazi or other White supremacist types, say, like our McVeigh, one will not especially look at Middle Eastern folks, but rather, White guys. This is common sense, and the media can call it what they like. So, does America realize that we could end all White supremacist crime by simply locking up all the White guys? How bout that Japanese internment, Mr. Trump? Imagine, we could eliminate the White supremacist control of prison crime by simply sending all the white guys back to where we came from, say, Russia or Germany, where the brainiac white guys have introduced those great additions to political theory called fascism and Communism. Course, then we’d have to send back all the Scots as well, but at least there would be a decline in libertarian cynicism about the workplace, making for increased profits!

We protect the rights of the citizens of every nationality by exercising the oversight of the executive agencies, not leaving them sovereign and subject to the opinion, ignorance or whim of directors who have spent their lives in service rather than in contemplating fundamental and comprehensive matters. They are allowed common sense, but not allowed the violation of the Bill of Rights, and it is the job of Congress and the President to govern the unelected agencies, both so that they can do their jobs and so that they do not over-do their jobs, destroying liberty.

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