Trump speaks in adjectives, like “fantastic, or “terrific.” The words replace substantive sentences, or hide his lack of substance. He often does what salesmen do, say what they want you to think, going straight top the resultant condition of your mind that serves their interests. So, America is going to be just “great again'” etc, again without substance as to how or why. The gays are just going to love him, and all flock to vote for him, as are the women and Hispanics, etc. When the substance does appear, where he has actual positions, these are consistent with tyranny. The wall and religious profiling are two examples, and we might be surprised if there are four, lets see, anti-NAFTA and in favor of stronger and more direct military action in Iraq and Syria, so he does have at least four planks to his platform. And when it comes to faith, oh, he is a “great believer,” he wants all the Evangelicals to think.

Once I bought a used car, and the guy did not tell me that the gas tank leaked whenever it was more than 3/4 full. This could have killed me, but he got his 500$! And luckily, after driving through Arkansas with a trail of gas behind me, I learned that I could not fill it up, before I blew it up. Such an act would be manslaughter, potentially. I wonder what Trump University would say, given this as an ethical story problem. I wonder too, what the Republicans who have flocked to support the Donald would say. For my part, I tell everything wrong with a used car when I sell it, having learned my lesson. What if it matters down the road?

Do you believe in making money immorally, so long as it is legal, Mr. Trump?


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