How will we deal with the passage of the Murphy Act?…The Cleansing of the Peceived Insane from America

What is this Murphy Law? Are we then to criminalize saying things some powerful person does not understand, or being defenseless before rich and ignorant judgements of appearance? Awake, Constitution! and lets lock up those crazy enough not to understand liberty. Or those corrupt enough to drug people for money or convenience! Abuse psychiatry, like medicine, and its true function can no longer be performed.

This Hunger Is Secret

First of all, a commenter pointed out last night that it’s highly likely that the States will not have the money to implement their Grand Plan to “treat” everyone on their “insane” list.

Given that it’s all about money, to survive, I’d recommend the following to anyone who does not want Mental Health “Treatment” (i.e. tortures) in their lives:

My guess is that living in an impoverished area would be to your advantage. If you are surrounded by people who at least appear to be much more needy than you are, then it’s likely that you’ll pass off as “normal” even though nobody’s normal in the eyes of psychiatry.

Stay away from emergency rooms! These are now far more lethal than ever. The Murphy Law is not yet implemented, but will be. If you have a minor injury go to a walk-in clinic, a doc’s office, or treat it at…

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One thought on “How will we deal with the passage of the Murphy Act?…The Cleansing of the Peceived Insane from America

  1. Here is the first letter written to Mr. Murphy, who must be the same Congressman who proposed the famous “Murphy’s Law”:

    Dear Representative Murphy:

    I have just recently heard about your law to expand mental health care, and I do not suppose it has occurred to you, first, that we have a Bill of Rights, and second, We do not have scientific knowledge of the soul, and literally do not know what we are doing when we drug people. The side effects are not known or considered. What if public shootings are caused by antidepressants? There is plenty of reason to think so- like we started drugging everyone rather than giving them our "therapy" at just about the time the epidemic began, whereas we always had guns, (if not so promiscuously). What patriotic American will revere the prescription drug industry to such an extent that they will not raise such a question? Yet the question has not even been raised publicly. We are fools.

    Perhaps asking such questions or writing letters to congressmen will be a characteristic listed in your DSM.

    Tell me then, what is the soul and what the health of the soul? what is the difference between genius and madness? What is the purpose of life? You know what "mal" function and "mal" adaptation are, tell me what is the function of the soul? Is the normal the same as the functional and "adaptive" Is not the tyrant the best at Darwinian survival and reproduction, if these are the goals? Or is the goal, since we lack a standard, not the same as "to please the psychiatrist?” Tell us these things, since you know, and I will be writing you more about the Declaration and the Bill of Rights you have sworn to uphold.

    Mark A. McDonald
    McDonald Philosophy and Politics

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