Dar Bass of Imagine Trash.org on NPR Stateside

The very day after I wrote about the Sheeny man, Stateside reviewed the Kent County Sustainable Business forum and Dar Bass, who is also connected to the Kent County Public Works. He has thought a bit about trash, and viewed what goes into landfills. They have focused on things like getting businesses to bunch their corrugated cardboard together so there is enough to bother with recycling. He notices how many returnable pop cans are thrown away. The balance is always the value of time and attention in our daily priorities, but Mr. Bass is full of good and worthwhile ideas. I wonder if he likes my idea for a sheeney man at Mount Salem and perhaps a store of reclaimed items- the sheeney man would make a fortune, though I would not want the job. The key is to have someone watch and remind people about hazardous house waste, stuff we do not want to be drinking down the river.

It is a shame that the yard waste collected is full of Chemlawn and roundup, so that it may be the last thing one would want to use on one’s garden. They might test for this and consider the wide ranging effects.