WordPress Interferes with Political Speech?

For seven or eight days I was unable to write any blogs or access anything on my website, until the Charter guy came out to the house and switched the box, making a new IP address. My suspicion is that this was done intentionally by WordPress or by the FBI using WordPress, though there is of course no telling. It could be any hacker with an interest in allowing me to access my website, but disallowing me to write or go from one page to another on the website. As I have written before, I removed three WordPress downloads from my computer, where they have no permission to be. But the website seemed to work ok from the library, though I did not have to check during the seven or eight days. Again, what it is costing us as a nation in drag on the GNP- to allow these companies to pay off Congress then do whatever they please with us and our information, while the FBI enjoys the policy because it allows them to spy on everyone- the cost is astronomical, and we are only beginning to see the harm these things can cause. But for the present, if I ever was trying to run for Congress, this would not be possible, as our Bill of Rights has been suspended and we have no more regard even for the free speech clause of the First Amendment, let alone the Fourth and Fifth, while the only right we remember is the second, and the only ethical causes are bodily health and race and gender equality. The purpose of government is to secure rights, and when private companies prostitute our rights, it is the purpose of legislation to secure these rights which our Constitution forbids be given even to our government.

Praise and Happy Birthday to John Dingell, who took the opportunity of his ninety-somethingth birthday to remind us that we are ignoring our Bill of Rights. Thanks for a life well spent at making things better!


3 thoughts on “WordPress Interferes with Political Speech?

  1. Those interruptions are irritating, so I do sympathize even though I doubt it was WP taking an action against you over your content, which isn’t controversial (by blogosphere standards). WP.com exists to be able to put ads in front of your readers. Beneath all the PR about “community” (yada yada), that’s their bottom line. Unless you run afoul of their TOS, which is pretty flexible, there’s no gain for them to censor you, and I DO believe companies act in their own self-interest. They want you to continue in hopes you might upgrade, and they want you building your audience, so they can show ads to more sets of eyes! If WP had an objection to your content, they would have contacted you.

    If you suspect you were hacked, there’s probably an IT consulting firm in your region that (for a few hundred dollars), can determine if your computer was ever breached, or has vulnerabilities.

    (I’ve had about seven of these kinds of interruptions, lasting anywhere from a day to a month. The causes included problems caused by the ISP, WP software upgrades no longer supporting browsers, tweaks needed to my OS, a router that became defective, and neighborhood wiring issues.)

    • Thanks- the comcast guy made it change IP addresses. WordPress also blocks search engine access to our websites, then a man comes on the phone to ask how much you want to spend to solve the problem- all my traffic, or 97%, is word-of-mouth. I tried to sell an e-book, which I would not have tried under those circumstances, to a bunch of broke authors! WordPress limits likes and comments to their own little wordpress world, shaking down our visitors for information. Someone does seem to be messing with anything they find profitable to mess with, until congress stops them. But we think gov’t uses the companies to spy, etc, and if they did, no one would do a thing. Windows 10 had camera and microphone set on, and we had to find it and shut it off! I just had a whole hours work on a blog disappear irretrievably- gone even from the History, perhaps because I hovered over some button which it clicked for me! I’ll try to redo it again from memory- they owe me hours, and I really do need to take them to court.

      • Sincerely hope it works out all right for you. That does sound odd about the search engines. I expect you get a lot more traffic than I do, but I show up very high in results if Googled, and I haven’t had time to blog in months.

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