NRA Forbids Research that Might Lead to Gun Control?

It was reported today on NPR that the NRA by legislation has for some time now forbidden federally funded research that might lead to gun control. Hence research of many kinds- such perhaps as “Do antidepressants cause public shootings”- This research is questionable anyway, but it would be interesting if 100% of the shooters were on Prozac, for example. The combination of guns and antidepressants, or our ignorance regarding psychiatric medicines- is causing these public shootings. But that is why just anyone should not have a gun, and why it is wrong for the Republicans to kiss up to the NRA at the expense of their nation.

The shooting in Dallas seems different, and, unlike the anonymous public shootings, in revenge for the shootings such as that in Minneapolis. Still, it would be very interesting if, for example, the inhibition of rage were inhibited by these drugs.


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