The Trump Crisis: Will America Elect a Tyrant?

   The failure of the Republicans to choose nation over party, endorsing the boisterous image salesman, has led to the genuine possibility that an entire branch of the U. S. government go over to tyranny. The Americans seem no longer able to elect one capable of governing. His latest move is to begin to preach “law and order,” meaning the application of force of government to any problem in broad categories without regard for the constitution. He will be similar in foreign policy: Brutal force will be applied without regard for the humans or the nations involved, leading to the suffering of America under the tragic principle, as what he sought to do to others will be done to us. America seems utterly oblivious to the looming crisis should such a man be elected president in the nuclear age.

 Trump would be the first president without experience in either the Senate or as the governor of a state, as said on public radio. He would swear an oath to defend a constitution that he has not read, except perhaps as a crash course to deflect such criticism since deciding on his current venture. How do I know he has not read the constitution? a Trump supporter asked me. I can sometimes tell what people have read. It is not on the curriculum at Trump University.

So, what do I mean by saying that Trump is a tyrant? I have already clarified that he is not of the worst sort of tyrant, but America is choosing tyranny over liberty contrary to our 240 year tradition of the hatred of tyranny, the love of liberty and the attempt at self-government. America is failing.

It is a misfortune to have an opposing candidate with so high an unfavorable rating, and this is another factor leading to the possibility that Trump will win. Many who do not see the danger hidden in the Trump candidacy are set to vote that way to avoid what they consider the usual Washington corruption that has led to many of our problems. The choice of Bernie Sanders as Vice President would bring the runner- up into the office, which is a good practice with the VP office whenever possible. It is more important now that the VP be someone actually capable of being president. But most important here, Sanders would bring a charge of enthusiasm, youth and vigor that would prevent these young voters from staying home on election day in utter apathy. If the Democrats turn out to the polls, Trump can be beaten, but if not, oh it will be just “horrible.”

Trump speaks in adjectives that are what he wants you to think when he is done with you. He blames misfortune on the president, generally on his failure to be more of a tyrant. ISIS is his fault, we are to believe, as well as the national debt and every American soldier who has died in combat during the Obama presidency. Oh, and the approach of Iran to the nuclear capabilities. This is not a problem inherent in the development of technology in the nuclear age, but, we are to believe, the result of not starting yet another war.

If I remember correctly, Bill Clinton presided over the strongest economy in the history of the world, just before the housing scam and some business shysters led us into the recession. And this was, Contra-Perot, with NAFTA quite in place, if I am not mistaken. Those who think wealth is the most important thing will sacrifice the national good to their own short term economic benefit. This they call shrewd money-making, the greatest if not the only virtue. Then they die. We hold that friendship with other nations is good for mutually beneficial commerce, and we outrun other nations because we produce more value. The America First selfishness in the economy sacrifices the whole and future advantage to a short term and illusory benefit, a calculation in which the true costs are hidden. The President speaks of America first as putting the national interest above personal and partisan interests, looking toward the common good, the very thing Aristotle says distinguishes the legitimate regimes from the corrupt regimes.

An additional note: I find it shocking that the “Evangelicals” are lining up to support Trump and the Republican Party, now that the party has disgraced itself. In addition to his various vulgarities and the rejection of compassion, this man has twice spoke flippantly of actions that are murder. He has done this once regarding what he could do in the streets of Manhattan and still be loved, and once regarding the families of terrorists. Tyranny and murder are akin, and this sort of thing fits my thesis that some 40% of America is about to elect a tyrant. It is clear that Mr. Trump has read less scripture than any other candidate, but it does not seem that the Evangelicals care much about scripture after all.

A second post-script: The new law and order plank in the Trumpet platform suits tyranny again perfectly. In response to the shooting of police officers, he simply blames the disorder on the President and prescribes his own iron fist to solve it. The president did not cause this little scirmish. If you will remember, the police have been intentionally killing especially black suspects, emptying their guns into them to make sure they are dead as though it were a matter of policy, and they just did this to a just citizen who reached for his wallet according to orders. Then Black militants- a phenomenon we have not had since the seventies- shot police who had nothing to do with it, and in fact attacked a model police department precisely regarding these problems, a department that is way ahead of others in constitutional policing. Now officers, again who had nothing to do with the shootings of suspects or citizens, have been attacked in Baton Rouge. These are murders, criminal responses to what are nearly murders by the police. I want to know why the police are repeatedly making sure the person shot is dead and even failing to call an ambulance. Is this policy? If so, let us reconsider it. It looks to me like that stupid saying one hears about how if one shoots an intruder and he falls outside the window he was climbing in, one is supposed to drag the corpse inside to avoid lawsuits. I swear, I would take my chances with the truth in court before I would interfere with a crime scene and a corpse, and perjure my testimony. Are the police making sure these people are dead not only so they do not get up and attack the officer, but to keep things tidy for the American courts?  But the police were a nervous wreak before, since everyone in America is armed. Yet the police do not raise a squeak against the NRA. Why do we not demand that government get better at distinguishing between responsible and irresponsible gun sales and gun owners?This is the very civil violence we said would result from the lack of oversight regarding the executive agencies in America. Again, in Canada, when there is a police shooting, there is an independent investigation, not a sham investigation declined to be conducted by the buddies of the cops called prosecutors. It is wonderful to call for law and order, but in that way it is a bit like calling for people to eat more- they will do this on their own in a measured way, and just as with attacking ISIS, our government under President Obama has been doing this plenty, if with a subtlety that escapes the Republicans: How many of our sons have come in boxes, and how many would come home in boxes if we follow Trump? Not to mention the “collateral damage” of foreign innocents killed in our war, which is manslaughter if any action is done wrongly, or is not a justifiable act of war. And what if again we do this in the middle East without making anything better? Law and order begins at home, especially in obedience to our Constitution and clearing out criminal and criminally ignorant police. We might start by electing someone to our highest office who has read the Constitution and considers law more than just a fence to get over in raking in profits and glorying in the exercise of his own will by having inherited the power to say “Your Fired.”

The CLC and the center in general are endorsing Mrs. Clinton, and Hope she will choose Mr. Sanders, again to assure the Republicans that Barry Goldwater moment the morning after the elections.

2 thoughts on “The Trump Crisis: Will America Elect a Tyrant?

    • The Americans seem to have forgotten the difference between liberty and tyranny, and the Republicans to have forgotten that their partisan interest is supposed to serve the good of the nation.

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