Trump the “Blue Collar Billionaire?”

On the public radio, a supporter of the Trumpet was attempting to present him as some guy for the people, the working person, you know, because there are not enough  rich people to win an election. Similarly, an attempt is made to present this salesman as the “outsider” the voters have been looking for, to get around the corruption 0f Washington regarding campaign finance. It is said that because he brought his own money, as a Billionaire, he is not owned by the interests that finance him.

But rather than being this outsider who cares about the workers, Trump is an example of many points on which the oligarchic Republicans are the cause of current difficulties, including the disappearance of the middle class. He does not understand why we say that the economy is a rigged game: The rich, the Billionaires, have gone into congress and made rules favoring themselves. This is different from an economy where people make money from the value of their products. It is people making money from the power that their wealth gives them to set the rules of the game to their advantage. The obvious result is the disappearance of the middle class and concentration of wealth in these billionaires.

One example is the failure of internet integrity and in particular the marketing of information about the people. The internet companies make money spying on the people, most of whom do not believe in anything they cannot see, let alone know why they should care about the instantaneous disappearance of privacy in the past two years.. The companies are allowed to prostitute this information, some of which might get someone killed or robbed, and the people are allowed no recourse, nor even to say much about it, but will be the ones to pay the unseen consequences.

Nor does the Trumpet seem to have much to say about Prescription drug abuse, where billion dollar pharmaceutical interests have been raking it in at the expense of the common good for some time now. They just addicted one fifth of the next generation to oxy, and congress has only recently begun to notice. Psychiatric medicine is doing more harm than good, to their great profit. Trump and the Republicans will not oppose these money interests. Trump, the supposed outsider, is the embodiment of the very cause of these problems, our idolatrous excessive honoring of wealth.

The same will be true on some very serious problem issues, such as property seizures, police shootings and oversight of the executive agencies. “Law and order” means that if you think these agencies had a blank check regarding your Bill of Rights before, you will not believe what the Republicans following Trump have in store. We have transgressed our Constitution, our fundamental law, due to our terror, and this requires not less oversight, accountability and meaningful recourse, but more: As we make exceptions for security reasons, we need to make sure these extra-constitutional powers are not abused, as they are and surely will be. And hey, what do they care if there is oversight, accountability and meaningful recourse, since they do not have anything to hide and are not doing anything wrong? Does the common man, the blue-collar guy, benefit from the power of the rich to set laws he does not even know about, buying Congress? How about allowing product manipulation, so that, for example, your burger makes you very thirsty for your sodas? The rich think they benefit from a lack of regulations, and the Republicans- buoyed by some special interest influenced bad regulations- have supported no regulations at all, no legislation to prevent businesses from profiting at the expense of the common good, manipulating and even poisoning consumers. Our very admiration for the success and wealth of the big businessman will lead to no improvement regarding the rigged economy. Our rights have been prostituted as a commodity: the First, Fourth and Fifth especially, though the second is left pristine so that we can harm ourselves when government will not listen. Finally, the working man will lose a great deal if civil unrest from the shooting of citizens by the police continues, and if police continue to be above the law. For the honor of the badge, we need criminal police to be held answerable by the system, by the prosecutors and by other police. The honor of the badge is the cause of its respect, and when this is tarnished, is it not late and artificial to demand we flatter its respect? Justice is the treatment for injustice, not more injustice. A speaker at the memorial for the Dallas officers said they lay down their lives for their friends, almost quoting the gospel of John, and this is what the police do every day, for us. But for this very reason, we cannot allow these shootings, of homeless men from a distance for not dropping a knife quickly, and 4, 7 and 16 bullets into an innocent man reaching for his wallet under orders, a seventeen year old white kid in Eaton County, Michigan, and a fleeing suspect in the streets of Chicago.

Trump, again, is a tyrant. Hitler, remember, had the German worker’s party. Trump is not yet a Hitler, but he is a right wing rather than a left wing tyrant, and it is interesting to see the Klan and Nazi fascists, the race-based rather than the class based ideologues, line up behind him in his phallic parade. But he so stupid regarding political thought that he does not even mind the name of tyranny. “Great again” does not mean for him liberty.

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