Trump’s Convention Speech

Now there is a speech written by the one delivering it! We repeat: Donald Trump is a tyrant, not a politician proper to a free government at all. This does not mean that America has no problems, nor that his opponent is flawless, but that he is not the one to address the problems of America.  A flawed Democrat is the superior choice to a tyrannical character, who will in fact bring war and disaster to America.

Law and order, we are told, is the solution to the violence of America. Donald Trump discussed the entire issue of the recent police shootings without mentioning the shootings of citizens by police that appear to be indeed errors, manslaughters and murders, for which the police are not being held accountable. Regardless of the heinousness of the murder of the officers in Dallas, and the specially terrible status of striking at the police, the fact is that if there were not the shootings leading up to and including the worst example yet, in Minneapolis, there would not have been the shooting in Dallas. Yesterday, an unarmed therapist with his hands up was shot in the leg as he worked with an autistic person in the middle of the street. When he asked the officer why he was shot, the officer said he did not know. Trump’s answer to this, and the shooting in Minneapolis of a legal gun carrier who was reaching for his wallet according to orders from the officer, is “Law and order.” He does not mean that he will subject the police to the law, but will even more use the police to subject the citizens. He thinks the iron fist can solve these problems, when in fact, the wrong application of law and order is causing these crimes. Apply the iron fist here, and we might indeed have civil skirmishes. Trump speaks of “law and order,” but he has not studied the law, and we maintain that he has not read the constitution, and does not understand that the Constitution is fundamental law. These Democrats, his opponents, have not devoted their lives to things like Trump University- which encouraged seniors to empty their savings to take his courses on how to make money doing things like making seniors empty their savings. Rather, they- the Obamas and the Clintons- have devoted their lives to the study of law, the constitution, and political offices. Do you, Donald Trump, believe it is ok to make money immorally, so long as is it legal, and illegally so long as you do not get caught? Let Trump then go make money. Let car mechanics fix cars, and let politicians run the nation, until we find an alternative that will not lead directly to world war three. Presently, Trump would plow us into the Middle East so that Russia can roll over Europe and watch our quagmire from the coast of the Atlantic, reminding indeed of the way Stalin and Hitler divided territories at the start of World War II.

He tells us: “I have joined the political arena so that the powerful can no longer beat up on people who can not defend themselves.” This is the first hint of a hope that he is not a tyrant. But he seems to mean so that Hillary Clinton cannot beat up on Bernie Sanders, of whom he speaks fondly because he is courting the Sanders voters. He does not seem to refer to the policemen with guns who shoot unarmed civilians now weekly in America, nor the Heroin dealers, nor the cops and judges who take payoffs and kickbacks from the drug companies while fleecing the addicts and the taxpayers in the name of rehabilitation programs, or property seizures. He seems to have in mind those powerful immigrants who beat up on white suburban Americans, those threatening “the peace on our streets,” none of whom are police officers or potential Trump voters.

He finally mentions the constitution, though- so we suspect he had help here with the speech writing. He says that preachers are threatened with the loss of tax exempt status if they speak about politics from the pulpit. Without saying what is wrong with this, or how it is unconstitutional, he  and his speechwriter throw this dog biscuit to the evangelicals. Neither, clearly, have read that little story in the Revelation about the trumpets.

The economy is rigged because Congress has allowed the Billionaire internet and prescription drug industries to rig it, and to take possession of our information for their profit. Businessmen like Trump cannot see where to subordinate money to the public good. That is what happened regarding Governor Snyder and the Flint Water Crisis: we elected an economic governor, and he made complicated political decisions like he was running a business with the goal of profit. What was the goal of that Iran deal? And did it achieve that goal? But it is surely not the three branches of government and their interrelations. He may mean the systems like campaign finance, the systematic problems we have on the ground today in Washington that allow, for example, the prescription drug companies to addict so many to their product so that they can make money, or gerrymandering, or the control of congress by the internet companies. But he does not say that this is what he means.

But Trump assures us that

Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it.

It is not clear what he has in mind by his unique ability and knowledge of the system. I am sure e sees something here, and would listen in detail about how the broken system works and how we should fix it. But I do suspect it can be fixed not by one man alone, but by everyone standing up all at once, as Bernie Sanders too has suggested.

Trump does not address any of the issues of the CLC- Prescription drug abuse, Internet integrity, Campaign finance reform, property seizures, justice reform, liberal arts education, oversight, accountability and meaningful recourse regarding the executive agencies, the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments, Internet Integrity, and police shootings. Barak Obama and Bernie Sanders, and hopefully Hillary Clinton, have taken these issues up, in part, because they listen, and think.

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