Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz (or Larry Arnn) For President

How about a four way election, America? An agreement of Both Sanders and another Republican, one who has not made the deal, perhaps, would cancel out the disadvantage, if two candidates of superior integrity were to run simultaneously. I say this because the Democratic party is in trouble for having their finger on the scale in the primary, and the Republican party has produced a tyrant with lipstick. The only reason a tyrant could be elected in November is the failure or negative ratings of Hillary. By running alone, though, Bernie could throw the election to Trump, unless, as is possible, he beat both candidates. But is Republicans have a decent alternative, The Donald might even find himself fourth. All of America, though agrees that the primary process has failed us this year.

Larry Arnn is the president of Hillsdale College, a moderate or at least not extreme right (now fascist) Republican, and probably superior to any candidates running, and able to name ten others too, if no experience in Government is required. I, of course, would not vote for him if he agrees with Andrew P. McCarthy on Islam or does not see that other Fergusson effect, but that is because we are the CLC and not the RNC. So here is the CLC’s gift to America, the proposal we endorse: Lets make it a four way election, America. We can do it if we click our heels: We are Dorothy.


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