NPR Reports on Chicago Torture to Obtain False Confessions

Diantha Parker of Chicago Public Radio reports on court cases involving forced confessions, false confessions, that occurred in the seventies and eighties in Chicago. There is no oversight, so if these things are “ongoing,” it may take another thirty or forty years before there is any trial or compensation, when the people of Chicago rather than the immune officers- and this was a Commander who did this in 190 cases- get to pay for not insisting upon law and order in “the law.” Just as it is a special kind of crime to strike the badge, so it is a special kind of crime to tarnish the badge. The FBI is so concerned with their reputation they suppress public criticism, so that there is no oversight at all, but not yet so concerned to enforce the law where they see it violated. They will publicly do backflips even in court and impede any investigation just like city and county police. The suggestion is that if we want to secure the respect owed to the badge, we begin by making sure they obey the law. The people are just going to have to hold two thoughts at once on this issue, so that we can both protect “blue lives” and uphold the Bill of Rights at the same time. These powers are being abused because there is no oversight, accountability and meaningful recourse when obvious problems emerge. If these powers are abused, they cannot function properly at crunch time, endangering everyone. The shooting on the streets of Chicago is worse than Detroit, and far worse than the Capone days. These things do not occur without corruption at many levels.

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