Colloidal Silver as an Antibiotic

This is a great Home remedy recommended around our neighborhood by a famous old Chiropractor, Dr. Dick. It is silver in a special suspension, otherwise a guy will tun green, literally. It is expensive, like 30 bucks a bottle, but many swear by it, and the doctors of course will not prescribe it like they do things like the “Epi-pen.”  I credit it with healing up my jaw bones, and another guy had to heal from inside out, and was not fighting off the infection till he applied some of this. It is applied topically and swallowed from an eyedropper. Ever wonder why silver was used for silverware Does it not just feel right?

Other home remedies, but these I intend to make myself, are Willow aspirin and Walnut wormer. As is well known, we also advocate organic weed and organic tobacco, and homemade beer and wine as well, in moderation. Despite being unable to drink, I will make some wild grape wine out of my wild grape juice, if possible.

Straight from the horse’s mouth: memorable quotes from the decades…..

Tell Hillary we want her to appoint Julie to be the new Mental Health Czar.

This Hunger Is Secret

I found this in my files today. I thought it was worth a laugh or two,


“The root cause of most people’s problems lies buried in childhood. It was your mother, wasn’t it?” –1981

“You’re nothing but a typical spoiled Jewish girl.” –1982

“We think something’s wrong with you. We don’t know what it is, though.” –1983

“You can trust us. We’re professionals.” –1983

“We’ll accept you. We’ll discuss the finances with your parents.” –1984

“Why would you even consider going back to college?” –1984

“We’ve got the perfect drug for you. There are risks. We don’t really know why we’re giving it to you. It might help.” –1992

“The fastest and most effective way to treat depression that we know about is shock treatments. We can show you a videotape that will completely convince you they are…

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Gloucester, Mass. Angel Program and the Epi-Pen

   Here is an example of the difficulties government has in addressing any issue. In Massachusetts, they have an angel program in which, rather than treat heroin addicts as criminals, they try to sign them up for treatment. The drug companies themselves will profit greatly from these programs, and they will send the addicts out uncured after great expense, so as not to disturb the drug dealers into reacting. Congress has considered and devoted maybe 721 million dollars to be scammed by the same dealers who scammed us on the Oxy at the start. They throw money at a problem rather than consider how the money is spent, leaving that rather to the experts in medicine and psychology who caused the problem to begin, at six figures each plus kickbacks and perks from the Oxy-dealing drug companies. Why do organized crime, when one might simple seize the law, especially from these stupid Americans who are led about by money and its fame. Crime is after all alot of trouble, and at times a bit messy, even dangerous. Meanwhile, the “Epi-Pen” was being sold for 600$, and is now available at the bargain price of only 300$, because some company has patented the antidote to heroin overdose. Hey, just do not suggest smoking weed while attempting to withdraw from heroin. And do not ask why Oxy appeared to be such an improvement upon Morphine for pain that all the doctors flocked to prescribe it. Do not ask, indeed, because the other thing in the news this morning was that- surprise- the Russians can pretty much kill anyone they want, are trying to interfere with U. S. elections, and there are a-lot of people who will do quite a bit to protect, say a 31 Billion dollar interest such as one drug company had at stake in one kind of 12 hour oxy. Oh, but do not say such things, since government has just given itself the power to judge sanity, and perhaps to seize and treat with any manner of torture prescribe-able, such as electroshock and Lobotomy, if not the chemical form then the surgical form. Indeed, Rose Marie Kennedy stopped saying those inconvenient things.

   America, it is time to wise up, and as Bernie Sanders too said, stand up. If we allow money interests to continue to subject everything human in our world, oh, because Donald Trump is the example of virtue we follow, we will be destroyed. But if we do stand up, yea, go to the source upstream where all these children are being tossed into the river, as our “Taking the Mask Off” friend Courtland Pfeiffer says, they cannot defeat us, because the American people are like Dorothy. Hillary too is like Dorothy, and we can count on her to foresee and not empower Dorothy to become Nurse Ratchett or the Great Mother, Big Mother.” And if you do not understand these words, hey, rather than try to seize and drug me, why do you not think about them a while, cause they just might mean something. After all, is not incomprehensible speech a characteristic of a category in the DSM? Ignorance, though, of the causes regarding the soul and failure to inquire, and applying a trade for money as though one did inquire, and drugging all critics, this does not yet have a category. The Shyster of Oz is our Psychology.

Mental Health Care ?

   Now we are going to have a federal government movement to treat diseases of the mind like diseases of the body. This might be a nice idea if it were possible, but is sure to become very difficult very quickly. The first problem is that we do not have a scientific psychology. We simply do not know what we are doing when it comes to psychiatry and psychology Rather, we have a bunch of overpaid pseudo-scientists ready with their DSM to categorize and judge their peers like sophomore psych students do all their personal relations. What was only annoying in the age of “therapy” is positively dangerous in the age of careless and experimental drug treatment, a resurgence of electroshock and, soon, lobotomy. And here we are back at the topic of prescription drug abuse. Many people are sure to be harmed a great deal at great profit for the drug companies. Read Julie the Mad Blogger, if you do not believe me. Her story is about to be repeated 100,000 times.

   I have written on psychology, over there in the permanent pages in the Menu, but no one is able to read the chapter. Americans just are not very interested in learning something new about the soul, but more about making money and the body. The chapter sets out an attempt at a genuine, philosophical psychology. But I can say a thousand times that our psychology does not know what it is doing, and demonstrate this with a few points and questions, but the words go in one ear and out the other. Ask them what the well-functioning soul is, and it turns out they have not ever thought about it, but simply judge “mal-function” according to suburban common sense. A matter of one’s own culture, is it? And “adaptive,” what does that mean? And our entire text-books of “abnormal” psych do not contain the word love.  Our psychology is then incapable of studying the relations the complexity of which often causes the significant crises in our lives. We do not have a knowledge of the soul that corresponds with our scientific biology at the basis of medicine, and we cannot even treat these diseases without continuous and deadly medical error, infection from the hospital, etc, so that more deaths are occurring from medical error than on the highway. Further, what if justice is the health of the soul? Is not the value free science then a bit like a physician who does not believe thee is a health of the body, but know his own profit quite well?

   I have already limited my writing because of the new program. Criticism of the government will become a category in the DSM, as will criticism of psychiatry and the drug industry. Anything extra-ordinary will be endangered, and we are of course gearing up again to trample the Bill of Rights. The powers of government to do whatever they want will be increased, and the Soviet-style branding of every government critic as insane is sure to become commonplace.

   We do indeed have serious “mental health issues” in America, but these are not the sort that can be treated without doing more harm than good. Long ago, we ought have treated the criminal desire that allows people to harm others without caring what they do, and even to profit from harming others. How we will diagnose and treat this problem is a good question, but treating mental illness might come after we treat ethical illness, to assure the ethics of those we “empower” to treat our minds.

Marijuana Legalization Will Not Be Set Before the Majority

Our Republican congress here in Michigan, left over from before the Republican Party became toast, has blocked the question of Marijuana legalization from the ballot for this fall. Over 350,000 signatures were gathered, but the Republicans had passed a law requiring that the 180,000 signatures required be gathered within 180 days. And the Republican-friendly Michigan Court has upheld the law. 150,000 of the signatures were gathered in the 180 days, only 30,000 short.

What if all 350,000 signers then go next week and sign another petition, or even write in the ballot proposal? But once again, it becomes clear why this is a constitutional issue, and we need a U. S. Supreme Court decision on whether a thing can be a crime when no ones rights are violated and no commerce is involved. Office holders at every level of government have for fifty years been selected precisely for not understanding this issue. So we get anomalies where sodomy is a right, toxic antidepressants fine even if your driving, you know, we wouldn’t want anyone depressed, Oxy over-prescribed because it is profitable, and heroin detox a failure, just don’t smoke or prescribe weed! It is a “Schedule One” drug, and we are supposed to respect such authority. That is what happens when we try to address a constitutional question by ballot in the elections.

The people of Michigan have seen enough of this Republican governance, and won’t be electing Republicans now for some time, leaving the Democrats with insufficient criticism and opposition. But we have see what happens when government is run for profit.

Google takes Action against Pop-up Advertising

Google will now begin to de-emphasise sites that use pop-up adds, making these show up less in the searches. Pop-up adds violate the choice of the user, making him an instrument of the marketing computers, rather than the other way around. Tools are supposed to be the instruments of their users, if this generation has forgotten what was once assumed by common sense. The drag on the GNP caused by pop-up adds is phenomenal. Billions of dollars are lost in the time of workers so that these companies can make a few millions to share with the campaign funds of our Congress persons, who have been paid to allow the companies to make their profits at the public expense.

What is most significant is that this is the first time that Internet Integrity has been adopted by a large company as a way to secure long term profits once sacrificed to short term gain.

The regulation of interstate commerce is a function and power explicitly given to congress, so that private enterprise need not be criminal in order to compete. The Republicans are opposed to any regulation because regulation has been abused, due to our little problem regarding campaign finance, and government has tried to regulate all sorts of things according to the new popular opinions.

The suggestion of the CLC must be that we fix this quickly, and that congress do its job. The internet world of commerce is being set now in a way that is likely to last a while. The purpose of government is “to secure these rights,” and a circumstance where an internet company must practice spy marketing of private information in order to stay afloat amid its competitors is absurd and very dangerous. So, if these companies want to do business in the United States, they may not set up little governments that violate the Fourth Amendment which Government itself is not even allowed to violate. If I were in Congress in the 7th District, I would propose such a law immediately. Let the companies make money off the value of their products, not their power to prostitute the common good and individual rights.

Left Out in the Rain.

This is a beautiful piece, and I would like to say the same thing if I could, you know, “in the living years.”


We’d just returned from the hospital. Everything was left standing in the back yard as it was; the lawn mower, the grass catcher and gas can. I’d warned dad before that he didn’t need to go up on the roof anymore to clean out the gutters.

“You can afford to get someone to do that now, dad,” I reminded him.

I felt too old to risk the climb up there anymore. But I would have just to prove that I was useful or maybe for a sliver more of his sparse recognition. But he was stubborn. He insisted he was still capable.

“What do you think, I’m asleep at the wheel?” he’d grouse.

He flew up that ladder and onto the roof like a pole vaulter. He was a super hero. I thought he’d protect us forever.

An unexpected rain storm had accumulated into puddles and the down pour gushed off the edge of the…

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Madness can indeed save the world…..

Paris Williams is on to much of the same theory, and unlike the modern psychiatrists has at least read Carl Jung. What we can do, instead of drug, shock and lobotomize people, is provide security and assylum.

This Hunger Is Secret

This post, in addition to the previous link I posted, is about as true as anything:

Please read.

No, we do not need chemicals to even us out. Don’t buy into that horseshit. Being smart isn’t an illness. Be brilliant. Be you.

You are so precious just the way you are.

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Amazon Spies On the Stupid Americans

Please pardon us for calling the American people stupid. Amazon now has brick and mortar stores where, in order to get the price for a book, one uses their I phone, so that Amazon may gather and sell personal information and give different prices to different particular customers. The Americans are of course first concerned about the question of particularized pricing.

It is embarrassing to have to spell out to you, my fellow Americans, what is wrong with allowing the internet companies to spy on us. It is like having to spell out why it is wrong to elect a rich, boisterous man who has not read the Constitution, electing him to impose “law and order,” when he does not know the law and cares about it only as a practical limitation on his money making. One is indeed tempted to move to Canada and abandon their fellow citizens to their impending fate. Oh, pardon me, since the revered authorities in political science now teach that there is no such thing as citizenship in the modern state. Quick, drug me, as I am about to suggest that Machiavellianism, Nazism and the Klan would first use, and then devour Donald Trump. We may, though, be spared such a future, if we continue to allow Putin to spy on us through Amazon and our cell phones.See, you should have hurried up with that lobotomy, or a little electroshock, since such thoughts are obvious signs of the need for a little care from Big Mother. See what terrible things result when one does not treat the categories of the DSM characterized by calling the American people stupid?

Are Police shootings Intentionally Fatal?

Repeatedly we are seeing multiple shots fired in these questionable police shootings, and we here at McDonald Philosophy have tried to raise the question of just what accounts for this effect. Is it a verbal police policy to shoot a victim until he is dead so that there will not be a lawsuit against the police at which he can testify? Is it not similar to that silly saying everyone believes, that if one shoots an intruder into one’s home and he falls outside the window, one is to drag the body inside for legal purposes? As said elsewhere, this violates three laws, to interfere with a crime scene, with a corpse and to commit perjury.

The instances I have in mind are the Chicago shooting of Laquan McDonald, where he was shot 16 times and the officer is charged with murder, the Eaton County case, where a 17 year old boy was shot seven times, the last in the head, and no charges filed, and the Minnesota case, where a man was shot four times while reaching for his wallet. The Eaton County, Michigan case began with an unwarranted traffic stop, where the cop was shining headlights at people with the low beams set too high to get them to flash their brights lights, for which he would then pull them over, perhaps seeking property to seize. In these cases, there is no attempt to save the life of the victim one the accidental shooting has occurred, increasing the impression that it is intention that the victim die, which, yes, is murder. Prosecutor considering these cases- always the buddies of the police- have perhaps not considered that aspect of intention made clear by the police emptying their guns into the bodies of these people. If this is the policy, written or unwritten, it needs to be reconsidered, or rather changed, tomarrow, if not today.