Was Charles Whitman on Antidepressants?

What if 100% of these public shooters are on antidepressants? What if it is the same one, say, Prozac, that are involved? The question has been raised, and there is no study of it, because it is contrary to the interests of the multi-billion dollar, shareholder-profit-maximizing prescription drug industry, which has paid bought our Congress. People do not want to question modern psychiatry because they think it is what is making us safer, and no one realizes that modern psychology is not based on scientific knowledge. On the anniversary of the Austin shooting, which may have been the first of these public shootings of anonymous persons, a Texas law allowing people to carry concealed weapons on campuses went into effect. It is not clear that arming everyone is going to solve the problem, since when there is a shooting, no one with guns can respond for fear of being mistaken by the SWAT team for the shooter. It seems we are willing to try many radical measures, with the exception of questioning ourselves and our trust in modern psychiatry and the prescription drug industry.

From my privileged observation post, I know that modern psychiatry literally does not know what it is doing when it prescribes drugs to treat the human soul. There is no scientific foundation, and they know that the side effects are immense. But our ignorance of the causes leaves us trusting the “mental health professionals.” Our trust is mistaken. People who study neurology do not have knowledge of the human soul, but have not improved on common sense and fashionable opinion when they violate the rights of citizens and classify everyone according to their DSM. Just as with Freud, questioning their pet theories and diagnoses is a sign of the truth of their diagnoses. Freud called it “resistance,” a pseudoscientific term they applied to anyone who doubted their psychoanalysis. A sure sign of “schizophrenia” is to deny that one “has” it. In the Medieval days, they did this too to anyone who questioned the spiritual authorities, you know, the “mental health professionals.” Hey Joey, the priests are here to take you to summer camp!

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