Economics and Foreign Trade

In a previous allusion, we commented that it is not clear that the use of a foreign power washer making an American craftsman more efficient- it was smaller, and so hoist-able onto the deck up the ladder- helps or harms U. S. trade. Economics is complicated, a web of interactions. As a result of NAFTA, we have “lost” low paying manufacturing jobs to China, but it is not clear that these have not been replaced by higher value manufacturing jobs, not to mention the increased efficiency resulting from the cheap nick-knacks available now at the dollar store. To simply look at the number of, say, tennis shoe sewing jobs lost in America and count the number of jobs lost is two dimensional thinking, leading these pundits to be baffled when NAFTA expands the economy tenfold. Friendly cooperation in trade between nations is mutually beneficial, as a rule, and we can help other nations and they help us. Then, as with Mexico, when we need their help on some greater issue, it will become clear what value and profit mean when one leaves economics-bounded thought to consider politics.

Hillary has succeeded, with her Methodist talk of doing good and demonstration of her understanding of the fundamental law, at gaining our endorsement, the endorsement of the CLC. We have decided that she is remotely capable of being President, in addition to our negative resolve to stump Trump. We were also impressed to hear that she has shown some concern regarding homosexual rape in prison, separating juvenile from adult offenders for this purpose. Prior to this, I thought I was literally the only political thinker ever to address the issue of the tolerance for homosexual rape in the hierarchic power structure of prison gangs.

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