On Currency Revisited

Well, the president did seem to pick up the suggestion from my currency blog that we drop Andrew Jackson from the 20 $ bill, instead of Hamilton from the Ten. The last guy we want to move is Hamilton, and the first Jackson, for his removal of the Christian Cherokee down the Trail of Tears, and other brave and warlike endeavors. We long ago suggested, in letters to Congress, moving Madison up to the twenty from the 5000 $ Bill, though this 5000 should be framed by every bazillionair, as it, along with Jefferson on the two, is one of the most beautiful pieces of money ever printed. I could not think of a woman American to set there, but he thought of Harriet Taubman, a very good choice for her heroism and resemblance to the goddess Liberty, on many of the early coins, inspired by the French Republican Renaissance. The obvious suggestion, though, and one which would gain bi-partisan support, is Martin Luther King Junior. He is the only American with the Mount Rushmore status of a founder who is not yet on currency. We might just give up trying to have a woman for its own sake, until Hillary Clinton has saved the world with her historic eight years. With the Republican party in shambles, the Democrats will soon lack the opposition to moderate their own extremes, and have nothing to oversee their actions except the reward of honor and semi-immortal glory.


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