Are Police shootings Intentionally Fatal?

Repeatedly we are seeing multiple shots fired in these questionable police shootings, and we here at McDonald Philosophy have tried to raise the question of just what accounts for this effect. Is it a verbal police policy to shoot a victim until he is dead so that there will not be a lawsuit against the police at which he can testify? Is it not similar to that silly saying everyone believes, that if one shoots an intruder into one’s home and he falls outside the window, one is to drag the body inside for legal purposes? As said elsewhere, this violates three laws, to interfere with a crime scene, with a corpse and to commit perjury.

The instances I have in mind are the Chicago shooting of Laquan McDonald, where he was shot 16 times and the officer is charged with murder, the Eaton County case, where a 17 year old boy was shot seven times, the last in the head, and no charges filed, and the Minnesota case, where a man was shot four times while reaching for his wallet. The Eaton County, Michigan case began with an unwarranted traffic stop, where the cop was shining headlights at people with the low beams set too high to get them to flash their brights lights, for which he would then pull them over, perhaps seeking property to seize. In these cases, there is no attempt to save the life of the victim one the accidental shooting has occurred, increasing the impression that it is intention that the victim die, which, yes, is murder. Prosecutor considering these cases- always the buddies of the police- have perhaps not considered that aspect of intention made clear by the police emptying their guns into the bodies of these people. If this is the policy, written or unwritten, it needs to be reconsidered, or rather changed, tomarrow, if not today.

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