Amazon Spies On the Stupid Americans

Please pardon us for calling the American people stupid. Amazon now has brick and mortar stores where, in order to get the price for a book, one uses their I phone, so that Amazon may gather and sell personal information and give different prices to different particular customers. The Americans are of course first concerned about the question of particularized pricing.

It is embarrassing to have to spell out to you, my fellow Americans, what is wrong with allowing the internet companies to spy on us. It is like having to spell out why it is wrong to elect a rich, boisterous man who has not read the Constitution, electing him to impose “law and order,” when he does not know the law and cares about it only as a practical limitation on his money making. One is indeed tempted to move to Canada and abandon their fellow citizens to their impending fate. Oh, pardon me, since the revered authorities in political science now teach that there is no such thing as citizenship in the modern state. Quick, drug me, as I am about to suggest that Machiavellianism, Nazism and the Klan would first use, and then devour Donald Trump. We may, though, be spared such a future, if we continue to allow Putin to spy on us through Amazon and our cell phones.See, you should have hurried up with that lobotomy, or a little electroshock, since such thoughts are obvious signs of the need for a little care from Big Mother. See what terrible things result when one does not treat the categories of the DSM characterized by calling the American people stupid?

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