Left Out in the Rain.

This is a beautiful piece, and I would like to say the same thing if I could, you know, “in the living years.”


We’d just returned from the hospital. Everything was left standing in the back yard as it was; the lawn mower, the grass catcher and gas can. I’d warned dad before that he didn’t need to go up on the roof anymore to clean out the gutters.

“You can afford to get someone to do that now, dad,” I reminded him.

I felt too old to risk the climb up there anymore. But I would have just to prove that I was useful or maybe for a sliver more of his sparse recognition. But he was stubborn. He insisted he was still capable.

“What do you think, I’m asleep at the wheel?” he’d grouse.

He flew up that ladder and onto the roof like a pole vaulter. He was a super hero. I thought he’d protect us forever.

An unexpected rain storm had accumulated into puddles and the down pour gushed off the edge of the…

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