Google takes Action against Pop-up Advertising

Google will now begin to de-emphasise sites that use pop-up adds, making these show up less in the searches. Pop-up adds violate the choice of the user, making him an instrument of the marketing computers, rather than the other way around. Tools are supposed to be the instruments of their users, if this generation has forgotten what was once assumed by common sense. The drag on the GNP caused by pop-up adds is phenomenal. Billions of dollars are lost in the time of workers so that these companies can make a few millions to share with the campaign funds of our Congress persons, who have been paid to allow the companies to make their profits at the public expense.

What is most significant is that this is the first time that Internet Integrity has been adopted by a large company as a way to secure long term profits once sacrificed to short term gain.

The regulation of interstate commerce is a function and power explicitly given to congress, so that private enterprise need not be criminal in order to compete. The Republicans are opposed to any regulation because regulation has been abused, due to our little problem regarding campaign finance, and government has tried to regulate all sorts of things according to the new popular opinions.

The suggestion of the CLC must be that we fix this quickly, and that congress do its job. The internet world of commerce is being set now in a way that is likely to last a while. The purpose of government is “to secure these rights,” and a circumstance where an internet company must practice spy marketing of private information in order to stay afloat amid its competitors is absurd and very dangerous. So, if these companies want to do business in the United States, they may not set up little governments that violate the Fourth Amendment which Government itself is not even allowed to violate. If I were in Congress in the 7th District, I would propose such a law immediately. Let the companies make money off the value of their products, not their power to prostitute the common good and individual rights.

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