Colloidal Silver as an Antibiotic

This is a great Home remedy recommended around our neighborhood by a famous old Chiropractor, Dr. Dick. It is silver in a special suspension, otherwise a guy will tun green, literally. It is expensive, like 30 bucks a bottle, but many swear by it, and the doctors of course will not prescribe it like they do things like the “Epi-pen.”  I credit it with healing up my jaw bones, and another guy had to heal from inside out, and was not fighting off the infection till he applied some of this. It is applied topically and swallowed from an eyedropper. Ever wonder why silver was used for silverware Does it not just feel right?

Other home remedies, but these I intend to make myself, are Willow aspirin and Walnut wormer. As is well known, we also advocate organic weed and organic tobacco, and homemade beer and wine as well, in moderation. Despite being unable to drink, I will make some wild grape wine out of my wild grape juice, if possible.

2 thoughts on “Colloidal Silver as an Antibiotic

    • Home remedies are the key to Obamacare. We have a big problem over here because the rich are fleecing the healthcare system, making it impossible to provide rudimentary care for the poor. They do not seem to care, because they want it to fail. We are literally burying people while essential lifesaving care sits next door with enormous price tags, since Congress took money from the big companies to allow them to fleece us. Where is my broom! I am getting RLS, restless leg syndrome, about to kick them out the door.

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