Gloucester, Mass. Angel Program and the Epi-Pen

   Here is an example of the difficulties government has in addressing any issue. In Massachusetts, they have an angel program in which, rather than treat heroin addicts as criminals, they try to sign them up for treatment. The drug companies themselves will profit greatly from these programs, and they will send the addicts out uncured after great expense, so as not to disturb the drug dealers into reacting. Congress has considered and devoted maybe 721 million dollars to be scammed by the same dealers who scammed us on the Oxy at the start. They throw money at a problem rather than consider how the money is spent, leaving that rather to the experts in medicine and psychology who caused the problem to begin, at six figures each plus kickbacks and perks from the Oxy-dealing drug companies. Why do organized crime, when one might simple seize the law, especially from these stupid Americans who are led about by money and its fame. Crime is after all alot of trouble, and at times a bit messy, even dangerous. Meanwhile, the “Epi-Pen” was being sold for 600$, and is now available at the bargain price of only 300$, because some company has patented the antidote to heroin overdose. Hey, just do not suggest smoking weed while attempting to withdraw from heroin. And do not ask why Oxy appeared to be such an improvement upon Morphine for pain that all the doctors flocked to prescribe it. Do not ask, indeed, because the other thing in the news this morning was that- surprise- the Russians can pretty much kill anyone they want, are trying to interfere with U. S. elections, and there are a-lot of people who will do quite a bit to protect, say a 31 Billion dollar interest such as one drug company had at stake in one kind of 12 hour oxy. Oh, but do not say such things, since government has just given itself the power to judge sanity, and perhaps to seize and treat with any manner of torture prescribe-able, such as electroshock and Lobotomy, if not the chemical form then the surgical form. Indeed, Rose Marie Kennedy stopped saying those inconvenient things.

   America, it is time to wise up, and as Bernie Sanders too said, stand up. If we allow money interests to continue to subject everything human in our world, oh, because Donald Trump is the example of virtue we follow, we will be destroyed. But if we do stand up, yea, go to the source upstream where all these children are being tossed into the river, as our “Taking the Mask Off” friend Courtland Pfeiffer says, they cannot defeat us, because the American people are like Dorothy. Hillary too is like Dorothy, and we can count on her to foresee and not empower Dorothy to become Nurse Ratchett or the Great Mother, Big Mother.” And if you do not understand these words, hey, rather than try to seize and drug me, why do you not think about them a while, cause they just might mean something. After all, is not incomprehensible speech a characteristic of a category in the DSM? Ignorance, though, of the causes regarding the soul and failure to inquire, and applying a trade for money as though one did inquire, and drugging all critics, this does not yet have a category. The Shyster of Oz is our Psychology.

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