Was the Mall or Elementary School Shooter on Antidepressants?

   Again, we suggest that the incidence of correlation is nearly one hundred percent, and there is every reason, politically and scientifically, to consider whether the antidepressants do not effect certain souls, even one percent, this way. Everyone knows that it is more than one percent who report side effects consistent with this tendency. And everyone knows that if this were simply true, we cannot count on the drug companies to have discovered it with their lobbyist research. Perhaps we could get them to pay for research like that the government has funded on Marijuana, to support their political position of prohibition, after only those who agreed with this position, for the most part, are allowed to participate in government.

   Pardon my Libertarian cynicism, but we should loudly sue these companies for what they have done in the fields of psychology and pain relief. They have these huge piles of gain ill-gotten at the expense of our nation.

   And, oh, dear Pfizer, do not be so put out. When public opinion shift toward making an honest living off the genuine value of you product, you can foresee, shift or get out, and surely will never be prosecuted, after paying off so many. The times wee bound to change, and it is irrelevant to profit o “business whether the change is for the better, though one might lose a great deal to competitors should times change for the worse.

Alfred Olango: “Stop Shooting My People”

   CBS reports that protests of the shooting of Alfred Olango are becoming more violent. He came to the U. S. for safety from war in Uganda. He had a mental breakdown, it is said, over the recent death of his best friend. Don’t call the police, the professionals, in circumstances like this. He was walking in traffic, and indeed, someone needed to go get him and watch over his safety. He was going down the street when police encountered him, and, apparently in a dream world as if playing, like Ophelia, he pointed his e cigarette contraption at the police. His sister says, “He needed someone who was going to calm him down and then take care of the situation.” It took police in El Cajun near San Diego, more than an hour to respond, and they shot him dead in less than a minute. While they do have a power to answer such a circumstance and such a call, the Fifth Amendment still applies in this case, as the man is not obligated to understand if he does not understand, but police are obligated to deal with the circumstances accurately. Indeed, this can be very dangerous. But the police  do not have the authority, even here, to enter the circumstance and issue orders, then shoot one they knew might not understand. Summary execution has not yet been decreed for failure to understand orders, though if we want a premonition, we can look to the Philippians, and the party of Donald Trump. Mr. Olango is not being paid, while they are being paid. Indeed, if he is in traffic, he is in danger. Police, incidentally, are to defend tourists just as they defend native citizens, to kill them is murder, etc., because humans, not just American citizens, have rights. No crime has been committed, and the police apparently respond to everything as though it were crime, or else they just do not know how to respond. Perhaps our nation needs a refresher lesson from the philosophers as to what a crime is, after now nearly a century of prohibition. CBS writes:

Critics have questioned why personnel with special training to deal with the mentally ill were not dispatched after police received a report that Olango was behaving erratically, KFMB notes.

Police later said a Psychiatric Emergency Response Team clinician was on another call at the time.

   The Black Lives Matter movement is important, because the Blacks are both subject more to law enforcement and are the only ones protesting. But again, if you want to see them shoot some white guys, just scroll the shootings of the homeless driven insensible by cold, then failing, in delusion, to quickly drop a knife. The white kid, 17, shot in Eaton County, Michigan, before charges were even brought in these cases for a sham trial, is a good and white enough example. The officer in Oklahoma will be acquitted of manslaughter, perhaps because it is a bit more like second degree murder, with the intention to kill and all, even though it is an office we have set in that circumstance, serving the public. If Tim Walberg addressed this, the Eaton County shooting, in his district, in his recent meeting with the State Police chief, I might still vote for him despite his slavish support of torture and Donald Trump, his ignorance of the issue and importance of the difference between liberty and tyranny. But wait until the Second Amendment folks realize that the police shooting of everyone imagined to be armed in effect makes it vey dangerous to keep and bear arms: the police ae far more likely to shoot you, even though they cannot always believe it, for example when relatives say one is not armed. Perhaps then some powerful lobby will make the police stop shooting His people, our people. We really think it is a more general problem, a matter of our forgetfulness of the Bill of Rights.

Stop and Frisk: The Wrong Answer

   On many questions, the Donald unthinkingly gives answers that demonstrate or are consistent with his being a tyrant. His answer to crime, to impose “law and order,” in response to the erroneous shooting of so many citizens by police, is just what tyrants say. He is not going to call it the “iron fist,” because in addition to being a potential tyrant, he is a salesman.

   The policy of stop and frisk is not unconstitutional because of equality, but because of liberty. The police are not given the authority to interfere with citizens for no reason, nor for any reason, and it would not be ok if unconstitutional rule is applied evenly to “blacks” and “whites.” If whites were being shot equally, it would not then be constitutional to shoot the citizens, because equality, in the Fourteenth Amendment, is not the only thing the constitution has to say. Yea, if all were poor we would have less income inequality, but that is not quite what we meant to say about the disappearance of the middle class. People are often being shot when police had no reason to interfere with them to begin. The Eaton county case and the Tulsa case are extreme and obvious examples, and especially the L. A. shooting of John Berry. In Tulsa, Mr. Scott sat in his car waiting for his child and the school bus harming absolutely no one. No one seems to notice the violation of liberty,  and the cases are not even being argued this way, on the basis of the Fifth Amendment, because we no longer understand liberty. Especially after Boston, it seems, we gave the government the power to conduct blanket searches, and now the Americans do not want to object to these “preemptive” measures. But the errors involved in these shootings are precisely why the police ate not allowed to interfere with the liberty of the citizens for no reason. A deaf or confused person might then be obligated, on pain of immediate execution, to understand shouted orders and respond correctly. Rather than “stop and frisk,” and other unconstitutional violations of liberty that get people killed, why do we not exercise our foresight when the Constitution is being trashed, and consider where these things lead? Tyrannical measures can be made to sound “great,” and can solve many smaller problems in the shot run. Trump would give the police a blank check to bash heads, and the response would be riots, civil unrest, or worse. Trump supporters: dress you kids in bownshirts and prepare for war. But that is the point of the CLC.

We aim for a movement of liberty to equal that of the past half-century for equality.

Gun Control: The Wedge

   As said, the police might have some interest in pressing the NRA regarding gun control, since the reason the police are so nervous is that everyone is armed. The policy of the CLC regarding gun control is to dive a wedge between legal and illegal guns, and between responsible and irresponsible gun ownership. Instead of bashing into the argument of the second amendment, where the advocates of guns are right and no progress can or should be made, we can oppose the gun manufactures lobbies that like the loose rules which allow for multiple purchases and resale, so that violent felons can buy guns, or gun shows where the purchasers cannot be checked. These measures, opposed by the NRA, are not contrary to the Second Amendment and might help to keep the arms in the hands of police and responsible citizens, and away from the gangsters and serious criminals. Bipartisan measures aiming to achieve the wedge might now pass through congress, and would surely pass after the Americans get rid of the self serving Congressmen supporting Trump.

We are still enamored, over here at the CLC, of the idea that state licensing might preserve the purpose of the Second Amendment, which is related to State Militias, so long as the right of people to keep and bear is not infringed. The Second Amendment has not yet been selectively incorporated, that is, applied to the states through the “No state shall…” of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Martin Kaste has mentioned that police do not work “hands on” so much anymore, but rely more on their guns, and this is in part because they fear everyone is armed. I was amazed to hear stories of the fights that the father of my ex-fiancé used to get in back in Dallas, where he was an honored homicide detective. Now they shoot people not only for fighting back, but even for “non-compliance” and apparent non-compliance. Police training in serious martial arts might take two evenings a week, little more than cops should be paid to spend at the gym, only this is exercise with a purpose beyond becoming a beach-boy. They might lean how to keep hold of their own guns, which can be difficult if ones hands are busy violating the Bill of Rights. In my school curriculum, we would do some of these things in gym. like first aid, where schools now waste the time playing kickball. And unlike Trump University, those who graduated my high school to become police would know the Bill of Rights. Ah, but Donney Tumpette is rich, so he gets to found universities and run for president, while we struggle to keep our job as a Ph. D cat shepherd.

By the way, we think we invented the current use of the tem “rigged game,” and it refers to the way that especially the Republican Congress has allowed the rich companies like Google and Microsoft and Facebook to set the rules of game of the free market, rather than make money off the value of their products. Genuine free market economics of which one can be proud is the latter, while “deregulation” allows for measures that lead to tyranny. Trump has no problem with the rich using money to control and usurp the free market, no will Trump Republicans fix this little problem, since they do not know the difference between liberty and tyranny to begin.

Sergeant Kenneth Steil and Terence Crutcher

   These two stories have occurred at almost the same time, of heroic and criminal police. Both are true at once, and in order to address the problem of policing in America, we need to hold both truths at the same time. Sergeant Steil was shot with a sawed-off shotgun by a carjacker he was chasing. He was recovering, the died unexpectedly of a blood clot, just a couple days ago.

Tribute to slain Detroit Police Sgt. Ken Steil: ‘We appreciate and love you’

They called him “shark,” because he would swim with the sharks, as one must to be a Detroit cop. He reminds us of how the good police lay down their lives for the citizens every time they punch in for work, just like what Jesus says in the Gospel of John, about 15:13.

   Terence Crutcher is the man in Oklahoma shot dead by police when his car broke down. The following is a section copied off the internet article. The helicopter police says…

“…looks like a bad dude, too. Probably on something.”

This undated photo provided by the Parks & Crump, LLC shows Terence Crutcher, right, with his twin sister Tiffany. Crutcher, an unarmed black man was killed by a white Oklahoma officer Friday, Sept. 16, 2016, who was responding to a stalled vehicle© Courtesy of Crutcher Family/Parks & Crump, LLC This undated photo provided by the Parks & Crump, LLC shows Terence Crutcher, right, with his twin sister Tiffany. Crutcher, an unarmed black man was killed by a white Oklahoma officer Friday… Crutcher’s twin sister, Tiffany Crutcher, called for charges Monday.

“The big bad dude was my twin brother. That big bad dude was a father,” she said. “That big bad dude was a son. That big bad dude was enrolled at Tulsa Community College, just wanting to make us proud. That big bad dude loved God. That big bad dude was at church singing with all of his flaws, every week. That big bad dude, that’s who he was.”

Police video shows Crutcher walking toward his SUV that is stopped in the middle of the road. His hands are up and a female officer is following him. As Crutcher approaches the driver’s side of the SUV, three male officers walk up and Crutcher appears to lower his hands and place them on the vehicle. The officers surround him, making it harder to see his actions from the dashboard camera’s angle.

Microsoft Displaces Search Engines Other Than Bing: Walberg Does Not Care

   For the past month or so, Microsoft has made it impossible for this computer to access Google. Google, of course, was doing this to Microsoft before, until we were tricked into downloading Windows 10 and Microsoft seized the computer. And Now I get a permanent pop-up, trying to force me to “choose” Bing explicitly so that the computer stop choosing  the search engine for us.  Wake up, congress! My Representative Tim Walberg’s office cannot even hear about these problems with every business in every oligarchic corner of America. His challenger in the gerrymandered district, Gretchen Driskell, also has nothing to say when I tell her Mr. Walberg is vulnerable on issues of the internet and the control the billionaires have given themselves over our lives. But it makes a voter vomit to hear the Trumpster say he is the one to fix the “rigged game.” It is just his kind of schliest, and worse, that has given us this world, where we are to become the instruments of technology which is the instrument of unseen powers. I tried to run myself for this congress seat, half facetiously, but am far too poor to gather 3000 signatures, especially with WordPress allowed to keep us in the bubble, interfering already with the U. S. elections.

Now for two weeks Yahoo has placed a pop-up over my screen which gives me the alternatives of choosing Bing as the default search engine or choosing to keep Bing as the default set by Microsoft. The pop-up will not go away until one chooses. One wonders why, like with a Russian confession, they go through all the trouble of tying to make us “choose.” Everyone in Congress has taken money from these Billion dollar companies, and just cannot believe or understand what happens to the internet, and then the world, once Congress finances campaigns by bribery.

But now that it has been revealed that Yahoo was hacked, and all that information they forced out of us has been sold to the Russians, at least it is clearer now why I have refused to give Google any information in exchange for anything.

Trump Rises in Polls Regardless

  It does not seem matter much what is said. The support for Trump is not rational . His supporters do not care if he does not know the law and has not read the Constitution. There is the head of the fraternal order of the police, a republican, supporting tyranny because the republicans did not have the backbone to divide the party. The police do not know the law any better than Trump, so that his ignorance is not to them so glaring. Contrast Obama, who taught Constitutional law at the University of Chicago for ten yeas, with Trump University and what Donald Trump taught there. But the police have not studied either, and look only for an opportunity to bash heads, the opportunity tyranny will give them. The Trump supporters do not care if Hillary is so little vulnerable that the press must return again to the e-mails. Trump takes what is said about him and simply repeats it back, accusing Hillary of the tyranny that he himself will show if ever he is elected. He does this as though some rich man told him to do it, and he liked the idea. “Fantastic,” he will say, “It is going to be terrific, just great when we win and I am the winner you all wanted.” He’s the one to fix it, the rigged game, rigged by the Internet billionaires and drug companies he still cannot bring himself to oppose. And that is all he need say to gain the slavish following of the knee-jerk Republicans, who will quickly forget about their dislike for government interference.

   Trump is rising in the polls because the Americans no longer understand liberty or their government well enough to be self governing, and they do not cate. We thought for a generation that the purpose of education was jobs and technology, and no one much thinks different yet. Canada and Great Britain, Australia and who, the French and Germans, will have to take over the protection of liberty in the free world, while Trump courts the tyranny Putin, who is pleased to see right wing, fascist tyranny arise in America, as though he knew it were our destruction.

Flint: Bottled Water Verses Rainwater

   It is very expensive to deliver bottled water to people’s homes. Rainwater is delivered quite regularly already. We, here at McDonald Philosophy, have been working on methods of rainwater collection. If a sufficient filter can be attached to any of seven models, rainwater can be collected even for drinking. But that we are not collecting rainwater for washing defies belief. In Bermuda, where the ground does not hold water any better than Americans hold new ideas, they have been collecting and drinking even roof rainwater for a century.

   Does everyone simply assume that rainwater is dirty? When we used lead in the gas, one might expect lead in the rainwater east and north of a city, but now the air is fairly clear in most places. And the water coming out of the pipes, where do we think that came from? And we think it best to first run it through the poisoned ground in Flint, then down the poisoned river and through the poisoned pipes, then try to filter it? We seem to have this image that water must be “treated” and made artificial by some government controlled process. And is bottled water tested, say, for plastic after it has sat in the sun? The challenge in inventing water collection systems is keeping the collection system clean, as roofs are exposed to bird droppings. If I leave mine out, I have to wash it good before a rain, usually washing it with well water. We have one model that folds up, so that it is covered, and unfolded before a rain. This, and my plastic and dowel on a frame model, I would have produced and delivered for sale in Flint, but there are no investors. One cannot do these things by oneself, especially if blacklisted and ostracized for having new ideas.

   With the method pictured on the Inventions page in the menu of this website, I have for nearly a year collected almost all my own drinking water. If I could afford to test it, I would, and if I could afford a sand and charcoal or graphite filter, I would have one. I use coffee filters, which work fine for the big stuff, But for the most part, my water is pristine, and leaves no film on the containers, as the well water does. That, too, we want to test, as no one has looked into the spread of poisons from Mount Salem under the ground toward Northville Township. And we watch collecting water when the wind blows from the south.

Even though the new bill is not HR 2646 but a new Senate Bill, here is one of the best arguments against it….

It seems very important that we roll up ou Bill of Rights and hit them over the head, together with the rest of the Constitution, if the roll is not thick enough. Was (Italics)Jason Dalton on Antidepressants?

This Hunger Is Secret

I love Oryx Cohen’s argument here:


In this article he sums up all the main points, all the reasons to vote NO to the Families in Mental Health Crisis Act. Even the revised Senate bill is still pro-force and a big push for Pharma.

Note how many pharmaceutical companies are backing Murphy. Interesting, eh? Clearly, there’s money to be made.

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Kevin Matthews Shot to Death by Dearborn Police

This shooting occurred December 23 of 2015, and we are just now hearing of it. The Police Chief assures us that they worked very hard at de-escalation, especially regarding Kevin Matthews. He was pursued for suspected larceny, had apparently escaped custody earlier in the day, and was shot six times. He was unarmed. The press has begun an inquiry into the criminalization of disability. Lewis Wallace, the reporter for NPR’s Marketplace who did the story, notes that people called “autistic” cannot obey the order to freeze, and it is easy to see how many people might misunderstand an officer chasing them. We never even heard about it when the Dearborn police shot Kevin six times.

NPR, with their pro-psychiatry assumptions, manages to use the story to call for more “treatment” for those categorized in these ways. We must use the story to note that with these sorts of errors made by the trusted authorities, Kevin Matthews would have been better left alone, especially that day. It is precisely police ignorance of and disregard for the Bill of Rights that makes possible the shooting of these relatively innocent people. Police may shoot a fleeing axe-murderer when it is their one big chance to catch him. They may not shoot most other people, and must allow for the possibility that their orders are not understood, and must stop shooting innocent people multiple times.

Why are these people being shot multiple times? Is there not a police policy to be sure to kill anyone they shoot, turning accidental shootings into murders?

Kevin Matthews is dead. John Berry is dead. We assume the police want to work hard at de-escalation. In order to do so, we suggest that they cease shooting innocent people multiple times based on false and unexamined assumptions, from which the Bill of Rights is intended to protect the citizens.