“Better Together” Trumps “America First”

The first will be last. Hillary need do little to trounce Trump on any matter of substance whatsoever. Tyranny can solve all sorts of problems in the short term: look what China did regarding overpopulation. Trump is on the radio today talking about deporting all ten million illegal immigrants immediately, with “Zero tolerance,” the new catch phrase for unjust and extreme actions. Not only criminals, but also little girls, people seeking refuge and all sorts of circumstances are included in the ten million, and while we must have and enforce borders, it is poor excuse for harming people by unjust actions. Consider the terror of I.C.E. among legal hispanic citizens already in place. Here again, one suspects that while there may be room for improvement, nearly everything that can be done is being done by the Obama administration, and Trump is simply blaming Obama for any ill and inconvenience in the world. But that is the sort of thing politicians often do, not to mention salesmen.

I am again impressed with Hillary taking up prison reform as a major issue. Justice is the only thing we can do to make this problem better, and if law enforcement does not provide an example of justice, I am afraid all is lost. Prison is not an excuse for the “empowered” to treat the captive unjustly, nor is unjust treatment a constitutional punishment. Justice, not injustice, treats injustice. And in foreign policy, justice, and not “deal making” secures our national interests, while whatever we do to others will be done to us. Punishments are determined not by cops but by judges, because we are a free people, and once understood the difference between liberty and tyranny. I want Mr. Cheney to spend some time with the people and the families of the people who will be tortured in retaliation for what we did in Iraq and elsewhere, because this will occur, unless we repent. We will begin with the examples that would not have occurred had someone not said, “they did it, so it must be the right thing to do.” After all, what if we save some of our own… How about we save them by acting justly from the beginning? Trump supporters are there although they know torture is a part of his platform. Are we Wiemar Germany? Are we ready to elect our own tyrant? Do we not then see how a people can become so stupid as to be unable to elect their own governors?

The wise see the people as dummies.

                                                   Loa Tzu

That, and not something obnoxious, is what he means, that the wise see in just what way the people are stupid. We also say that the American people are like Dorothy, but we mean something different when we say this. There we mean that she need only click her heels to be back home in Kansas. The example is the astonishing advancement in justice regarding civil equality attained especially by the Democrats in the last thirty years, so extreme that most white men (All that I know who have women) are now propertyless wards of the women, who own all the property, outside that upper ten or so percent, where the extremely rich who have earned their own money are still the males, and fatherhood has been demolished. Every single father is in danger of being jailed in debtor’s prison. The courts simply require that the divorced males support two households or be jailed. The alternative is to make the state the breadwinner, since that is why the women used to keep the men around anyway, at least till they worked them to death, threw out the empty bottle and kept the property. No society has ever had a fifty percent divorce rate, and it is not clear that a nation can survive even this.

Look on your twenty dollar bill and consider the Trail of Tears. That will be the first scene of a Trump presidency. And perhaps we will put Donney Trumpette on a bill in the future, if there is a future. It will look like a piece of monopoly money, the subject for comedians, if there are any comedians. I suggest rather that we put Martin Luther King Jr. on the twenty, and remember Jefferson: “For I have sworn on the Altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” We need only stand up and sit down, perhaps three times, and we will be back in Kansas. But it appears that there is a serious possibility that we will not do this.

America first has become for the Republicans an emblem of fascism. Right down the line, every plank in their platform is now not only consistent with tyranny, but is just what tyrants say. We do not notice, because we have not studied or considered tyranny. Zillions of dollars are available to study the silliest theoretical questions, such as regarding astronomy or animal intelligence. But if one wants to teach and study politics, he had better have sucked up to the FBI and the Koch brothers.


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