L.A. Sheriffs Shoot Unarmed People When Their Car Moves

NPR had a story this morning about unarmed people being shot when their car moves during a stop. In the worst case, a  Schizophrenic person named Johnnie was shot when he was pulled over and apparently delusional, so after beating him a while they apparently tazzed him, then when his car moved first forward then back, they shot him dead, fearing that they would be run over. I’ll have to look up the video, but on the radio we hear a woman “No!” and “Johnnie.” L.A. is of course correcting the problem, and has promised better training. Johnnie is dead.

First, police with power to kill but no understanding of the Bill of Rights is beyond dangerous. These are humans, but when they get paranoid and have the power to kill, it is repeatedly disastrous. Second, we are amused that now the government is going to get all pro-active on “mental illness.” Rather than leave people alone, or consider paranoia among law enforcement, they are going to interfere with people without warrant, and try to herd them into the drug-them-all-for-profit system. Apparently, they have given up crime-fighting, which was too dangerous anyway, and given up curing genuine vice, with which they were not making making much progress, and now they are going to protect us from the schizophrenics, who are to be shot as soon as they are “non-compliant.” I am going to watch the video now, saying only that because we do not have scientific knowledge regarding what we call “mental illness,” we had better leave it alone, o we are bound to make matters much worse. Our choice in the presidential election might be between soft and hard despotism on this matter.

I just watched the video. First, let me say that I won’t bet that the family is glad to have called police. John Berry is no longer acting strangely. Second, let me commend the brilliance of the officer standing between the parked cars while his cohort is tazzing a schizophrenic who has violated no one’s rights. That is why government has no constitutional right to interfere with anyone without a reason. Third, we must of cause obey the police, and it is potentially fatal to not hear, understand or react submissively, and even that may not save you- in another video (there are so many police shootings of innocents that any particular one is hard to find) they shot two people who were sleeping in a car. Tess Owen of Vice news writes: “Sadly, this instance of police failing to deescalate a situation involving a person having a mental health crisis is not unusual. Just last Thursday, Jeffory Tevis, 50, was holding a “large metal spoon in a threatening manner” before being fatally shot by Alabama police officers.

In addition to training the Bill of Rights and how to police in a free nation, the police need training in the proper martial arts. That they could not remove the unarmed man from the car or block that deadly spoon attack in a circumstance where the person is terribly confused and not acting with criminal intent shows an over-reliance on guns, because the police do not know how to use their hands. If one were to call the governor and make such a suggestion, or indicate a teacher with experience training police, he would be simply ignored, if not up for his own evaluation. Just think what they might do if one criticized them for police shootings. Martial arts done in the right way replace the need for guns in many instances, and make it possible to hold on to one’s weapon. Even being not very good, if I were a cop I would take on a mad guy with a knife and not hurt him, as in for such shootings I have seen. Before much training, I took a swinging belt away from a 6 foot 6 skinny retarded guy. We do not believe they do not go to class at least twice a week for life. Some do, but far too few, and the abilities may be abused just like a gun. But it is the Bill of Rights that teaches cops not to have their hands busy doing what is not their business.

Only one more thing to add. NPR yesterday interviewed a hit woman who works in the Philippians, where they have elected a Trump-style, law and order tyrant. She works for a corrupt cop who uses his badge to shoot people who owe him drug money. I’m just glad that, like electing a Hitler to become chancellor in the Wiemar Republic, such a thing could never occur in America, where we have liberty and justice for all.

In Canada, nothing like these things ae occurring. All the police shooting videos seem to be U.S.A., though no one has courage to record them any longer in the Philippians.


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