Hillsdale College Establishes a Free Classical Academy in Whitmore Lake

Following the experience and example of their Barney school, Hillsdale college has opened a charter school in Livingston county that is tuition free. It will be very interesting to see how they adapt the classics program to the High School and Middle school level. Languages, such as Greek, and Literature, such as Shakespeare, can be done along with drama and  history, in addition to the sciences and mathematics already done in High School. This will be a bit more interesting than the grammar and “English” courses usually taught.

I would advise anyone able to give this program a try. A kind of friendship is possible at these schools, where a common enterprise and classics give the atrophied American intellect and imagination and outlet that makes a kind of happiness available for these students, in contrast with the emptiness left in the souls of the students of programs based on the idea that “jobs” and “technology” ae the goals of education.

Congratulations, Hillsdale!

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