Where Is Rand Paul?

Imagine if Rand Paul were to have re-entered the race for the presidency, splitting the Republican party. He is the outsider with some experience in the Senate, and has shown the ability to stand up, as in his solo filibuster. With a little brushing up on foreign policy, he could be a good president just because he is able to look to the good of his nation, or because he could be a legitimate president. The sane Republicans, such as the Bushes and Mitt Romney, should have split the party rather than support the Trumpster, and we have now grave doubts about those who jumped on board out of allegiance to party. The people of Washington’s era knew how to think of party. Ours seem to have demonstrated that they do know the difference between liberty and tyranny, or do not care, as though there were higher priorities. Even now, Rand Paul might take more votes from the right than the left, though it could backfire, taking more from Hillary. We do think that our nation will be alright with the experience of Bill and Hillary, while we do not think we would be alright otherwise. Our enemies too seem to know this, to favor Trump and to be ready to pounce.


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