Trump Rises in Polls Regardless

  It does not seem matter much what is said. The support for Trump is not rational . His supporters do not care if he does not know the law and has not read the Constitution. There is the head of the fraternal order of the police, a republican, supporting tyranny because the republicans did not have the backbone to divide the party. The police do not know the law any better than Trump, so that his ignorance is not to them so glaring. Contrast Obama, who taught Constitutional law at the University of Chicago for ten yeas, with Trump University and what Donald Trump taught there. But the police have not studied either, and look only for an opportunity to bash heads, the opportunity tyranny will give them. The Trump supporters do not care if Hillary is so little vulnerable that the press must return again to the e-mails. Trump takes what is said about him and simply repeats it back, accusing Hillary of the tyranny that he himself will show if ever he is elected. He does this as though some rich man told him to do it, and he liked the idea. “Fantastic,” he will say, “It is going to be terrific, just great when we win and I am the winner you all wanted.” He’s the one to fix it, the rigged game, rigged by the Internet billionaires and drug companies he still cannot bring himself to oppose. And that is all he need say to gain the slavish following of the knee-jerk Republicans, who will quickly forget about their dislike for government interference.

   Trump is rising in the polls because the Americans no longer understand liberty or their government well enough to be self governing, and they do not cate. We thought for a generation that the purpose of education was jobs and technology, and no one much thinks different yet. Canada and Great Britain, Australia and who, the French and Germans, will have to take over the protection of liberty in the free world, while Trump courts the tyranny Putin, who is pleased to see right wing, fascist tyranny arise in America, as though he knew it were our destruction.

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