Microsoft Displaces Search Engines Other Than Bing: Walberg Does Not Care

   For the past month or so, Microsoft has made it impossible for this computer to access Google. Google, of course, was doing this to Microsoft before, until we were tricked into downloading Windows 10 and Microsoft seized the computer. And Now I get a permanent pop-up, trying to force me to “choose” Bing explicitly so that the computer stop choosing  the search engine for us.  Wake up, congress! My Representative Tim Walberg’s office cannot even hear about these problems with every business in every oligarchic corner of America. His challenger in the gerrymandered district, Gretchen Driskell, also has nothing to say when I tell her Mr. Walberg is vulnerable on issues of the internet and the control the billionaires have given themselves over our lives. But it makes a voter vomit to hear the Trumpster say he is the one to fix the “rigged game.” It is just his kind of schliest, and worse, that has given us this world, where we are to become the instruments of technology which is the instrument of unseen powers. I tried to run myself for this congress seat, half facetiously, but am far too poor to gather 3000 signatures, especially with WordPress allowed to keep us in the bubble, interfering already with the U. S. elections.

Now for two weeks Yahoo has placed a pop-up over my screen which gives me the alternatives of choosing Bing as the default search engine or choosing to keep Bing as the default set by Microsoft. The pop-up will not go away until one chooses. One wonders why, like with a Russian confession, they go through all the trouble of tying to make us “choose.” Everyone in Congress has taken money from these Billion dollar companies, and just cannot believe or understand what happens to the internet, and then the world, once Congress finances campaigns by bribery.

But now that it has been revealed that Yahoo was hacked, and all that information they forced out of us has been sold to the Russians, at least it is clearer now why I have refused to give Google any information in exchange for anything.

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