Gun Control: The Wedge

   As said, the police might have some interest in pressing the NRA regarding gun control, since the reason the police are so nervous is that everyone is armed. The policy of the CLC regarding gun control is to dive a wedge between legal and illegal guns, and between responsible and irresponsible gun ownership. Instead of bashing into the argument of the second amendment, where the advocates of guns are right and no progress can or should be made, we can oppose the gun manufactures lobbies that like the loose rules which allow for multiple purchases and resale, so that violent felons can buy guns, or gun shows where the purchasers cannot be checked. These measures, opposed by the NRA, are not contrary to the Second Amendment and might help to keep the arms in the hands of police and responsible citizens, and away from the gangsters and serious criminals. Bipartisan measures aiming to achieve the wedge might now pass through congress, and would surely pass after the Americans get rid of the self serving Congressmen supporting Trump.

We are still enamored, over here at the CLC, of the idea that state licensing might preserve the purpose of the Second Amendment, which is related to State Militias, so long as the right of people to keep and bear is not infringed. The Second Amendment has not yet been selectively incorporated, that is, applied to the states through the “No state shall…” of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Martin Kaste has mentioned that police do not work “hands on” so much anymore, but rely more on their guns, and this is in part because they fear everyone is armed. I was amazed to hear stories of the fights that the father of my ex-fiancé used to get in back in Dallas, where he was an honored homicide detective. Now they shoot people not only for fighting back, but even for “non-compliance” and apparent non-compliance. Police training in serious martial arts might take two evenings a week, little more than cops should be paid to spend at the gym, only this is exercise with a purpose beyond becoming a beach-boy. They might lean how to keep hold of their own guns, which can be difficult if ones hands are busy violating the Bill of Rights. In my school curriculum, we would do some of these things in gym. like first aid, where schools now waste the time playing kickball. And unlike Trump University, those who graduated my high school to become police would know the Bill of Rights. Ah, but Donney Tumpette is rich, so he gets to found universities and run for president, while we struggle to keep our job as a Ph. D cat shepherd.

By the way, we think we invented the current use of the tem “rigged game,” and it refers to the way that especially the Republican Congress has allowed the rich companies like Google and Microsoft and Facebook to set the rules of game of the free market, rather than make money off the value of their products. Genuine free market economics of which one can be proud is the latter, while “deregulation” allows for measures that lead to tyranny. Trump has no problem with the rich using money to control and usurp the free market, no will Trump Republicans fix this little problem, since they do not know the difference between liberty and tyranny to begin.

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