Stop and Frisk: The Wrong Answer

   On many questions, the Donald unthinkingly gives answers that demonstrate or are consistent with his being a tyrant. His answer to crime, to impose “law and order,” in response to the erroneous shooting of so many citizens by police, is just what tyrants say. He is not going to call it the “iron fist,” because in addition to being a potential tyrant, he is a salesman.

   The policy of stop and frisk is not unconstitutional because of equality, but because of liberty. The police are not given the authority to interfere with citizens for no reason, nor for any reason, and it would not be ok if unconstitutional rule is applied evenly to “blacks” and “whites.” If whites were being shot equally, it would not then be constitutional to shoot the citizens, because equality, in the Fourteenth Amendment, is not the only thing the constitution has to say. Yea, if all were poor we would have less income inequality, but that is not quite what we meant to say about the disappearance of the middle class. People are often being shot when police had no reason to interfere with them to begin. The Eaton county case and the Tulsa case are extreme and obvious examples, and especially the L. A. shooting of John Berry. In Tulsa, Mr. Scott sat in his car waiting for his child and the school bus harming absolutely no one. No one seems to notice the violation of liberty,  and the cases are not even being argued this way, on the basis of the Fifth Amendment, because we no longer understand liberty. Especially after Boston, it seems, we gave the government the power to conduct blanket searches, and now the Americans do not want to object to these “preemptive” measures. But the errors involved in these shootings are precisely why the police ate not allowed to interfere with the liberty of the citizens for no reason. A deaf or confused person might then be obligated, on pain of immediate execution, to understand shouted orders and respond correctly. Rather than “stop and frisk,” and other unconstitutional violations of liberty that get people killed, why do we not exercise our foresight when the Constitution is being trashed, and consider where these things lead? Tyrannical measures can be made to sound “great,” and can solve many smaller problems in the shot run. Trump would give the police a blank check to bash heads, and the response would be riots, civil unrest, or worse. Trump supporters: dress you kids in bownshirts and prepare for war. But that is the point of the CLC.

We aim for a movement of liberty to equal that of the past half-century for equality.

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