Was the Mall or Elementary School Shooter on Antidepressants?

   Again, we suggest that the incidence of correlation is nearly one hundred percent, and there is every reason, politically and scientifically, to consider whether the antidepressants do not effect certain souls, even one percent, this way. Everyone knows that it is more than one percent who report side effects consistent with this tendency. And everyone knows that if this were simply true, we cannot count on the drug companies to have discovered it with their lobbyist research. Perhaps we could get them to pay for research like that the government has funded on Marijuana, to support their political position of prohibition, after only those who agreed with this position, for the most part, are allowed to participate in government.

   Pardon my Libertarian cynicism, but we should loudly sue these companies for what they have done in the fields of psychology and pain relief. They have these huge piles of gain ill-gotten at the expense of our nation.

   And, oh, dear Pfizer, do not be so put out. When public opinion shift toward making an honest living off the genuine value of you product, you can foresee, shift or get out, and surely will never be prosecuted, after paying off so many. The times wee bound to change, and it is irrelevant to profit o “business whether the change is for the better, though one might lose a great deal to competitors should times change for the worse.

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