Evan McMullin for President?

   The Republicans have finally produced a candidate that does seem capable of being president. Though it may be too late, this election is so strange that he may well win the whole thing. We especially like the combination of his experience in the CIA with his understanding of the principles of the Declaration and adherence to equality. He is running as an Independent, and his candidacy is much more serious than that of Mr. Johnson, because of his possible capacity as chief executive regarding foreign policy.

   Evan McMullin may quickly restore the swollen Trump phenomenon to the eight percent that such an extremist movement might hold, and it is quite possible that McMullin switch places with the Trumpster in the polls, if America would wake up from the bad dream and get back to Kansas here! If he can gain the support of the Bushes, Kochs, Snyders and sane Republicans, John McCain and Paul Ryan, he may still win, but at least will be assured to prevent the disaster of the collapse of republicanism, via oligarchy, into tyranny, from which a worse tyranny of the twentieth century variety might well emerge. Why not, America? Admit that Trump has been revealed, or that the election process has done its vetting and prevented tyranny, which is more evident to the people in the image of rape and vulgarity than in foreseeing the disaster of the foreign and civil war that would result from a Trump presidency. Donney Trumpet can just go home with more wealth and fame than he had before, a “great success,” a “winner'” as he will declare himself, which may work in Hollywood, but does not work in nuclear war. Perhaps he can start a reality T. V. show interviewing his nice white fiends from Russia, telling them “you hired,”  while the Evangelicals watch, and their television watches back.

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