Rock Commentaries: Bobby Vee

In what Mr. Vileen calls the “matters of the heart,” one of the finest lyrics must be the sentiment in “Take Good Care of My Baby:

Take good care of my baby

Be as kind as you can be

And if you should discover

That you don’t really love

Send my b]aby back home to me

This shows the self sacrifice of noble love. The Lettermen types with the early sixties clean preppie look used to know these things about love without having to learn, maybe from seeing Humphry Bogart put women on planes in Casablanca. I have just been trying to write on Romeo and Juliet. For the Rock Commentaries, I wrote just a little about the early love songs just before the rock event. And could one imagine a finer lyric to be sung in our beautiful city, our Democratic Callipolis, by teen lovers as they run about like Romeos? Vileen is indeed a master of “matters of the heart,” demonstrating again the superiority of our lyric poets to our psychologists on certain human things.

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