Time to Ask For Recounts in All Swing States

   Ok, after just glancing at the article of U of M computer scientist Alex Haldaman, there appears to be little reason that others do not help Jill Stein and call for recounts in all swing states. This is very unfortunate, but the trouble would be avoided if M. Trump would concede, perhaps to avoid answering questions under oath with Mr. Bright Bart. Six Electors, too, had said already at the time of that article, about a week ago, were saying they could not vote for the Trumpster. Russian hacking and Bright Bart shenanigans have gone from a vague possibility to a near certainty.

   Tyrants are like that, that is the kind of thing they do. Look under that rock, look under this, and you may just find a snake. We still want the spy-marketing system to be investigated by the FBI and with Congressional oversight. That we are saving the Obama legacy and preventing what many can see is a national disaster is almost a side issue. The Trumpsters response is to make fun of us and say  “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” Perhaps for an encore, we will bring back the broom of that Wicked Witch of the West, as in our study of tyranny. Where is that water bucket…

   The fact that Trump has many supporters who do not understand or who actually choose tyranny is also irrelevant. They will say that we are the cause of Civil War, and many other things. The truth is that Trump would cause civil war, as when the sanctuary cities oppose federal troops and whole states secede. Most of the NRA is law abiding, so it does not yet matte that his move was gain to himself most of the arms. Trump likes to accuse others of what he is in fact doing, which is helpful because then he gives us clues. But that does not change the facts if Russia and the Alt-right entered into treasonous alliance to throw the election. What does one expect? They must say and do something, at least until the water hits them, proving they were made of sugar all along. Yeah, come get me, cowboy, then we will know who you are!


The Emperor was the first Roman Emperor to turn into a monster. Augustus was relatively human. He was the Emperor during the life of Jesus, and it is in coincidence with the life of Jesus that the worst tyrannies ever known came to Rome. Five times, I think, in the first century, the Roman Emperor was a monster- Calligula, then after Claudius, Nero, then later Domitian and thee is one more in thee somewhere, if Nerva was again more tolerable. But Tiberius was the first. His transformation began with extreme paranoia regarding assassins, to which tyrants are notoriously subject, having injured so many people they are bound to find one vengeful. This paranoia seems to have coincided with his descent into lust there on the isle of Capri, so that soon he was taking boys with whom to swim in the pool, etc. When there is no possibility of a conflict of interests, the tyrants lusts can become unlimited, since the law that limited the uncultivated soul is removed for them.

   For the Trumpster, should we fail to remove him, we will a surge of power upon inauguration the begins to transform him. Since he has never considered the cultivation of the soul, he will simply be prey to this, though ones own power be not served, even according to Machiavelli. These unintelligent tyrannies are perhaps messy, but less trouble in the long run.

Election Recount: The Republican Arguments Against Looking Behind the Curtain

   So far, in addition to raising the price, the republicans have agued that there is no indication of any possible irregularities in the vote count, and that Jill Stein does not have the standing to ask for a recount because she could not possibly have won the election, though Hillary may well have.

   Regarding standing, though, it is simply not the law that the candidate must themselves have been within range of victory. We saw them tie the hands of the Democrats with that criticism of the Trumpster for threatening not to honor the results if he did not win. That is the whole reason they were slow to get on board. Plus, it is more proper that this be suggested by the third parties in the interest of another, rather than by one party in their own interest. If Stein had one electoral vote, she would have a literal chance, should there fail to be a majority of electors for either, and the election go to the house where they choose her as a compromise.

   It is interesting too that, had Stein thrown her votes to Hillary, she, that is, Hillary,  would apparently have won Michigan. That is why, in addition to advising the Democrats to choose Bernie for V.P., we here at the CLC– the smallest political party in America- advised Both her and Mr. Johnson to endorse Hillary. That too would have prevented our little problem here.

   There really are no good arguments against a rational consideration of whether we are to allow our nation and the world to drift into an age of Fascism. When there is an important question, it almost always helps to examine the matter methodically and call out all our powers to learn the truth of the matter.

   Remember in the movie “Finding Nemo,” where the whole school is caught in the fishing boat’s net, and Nemo says, Everybody Swim Down!

Well, Everybody, Swim Down!

Michigan Recount: Use Logic, Not Just Calculation / On Islamo-fascism and Twentieth Century Tyranny

   We have 80,000 ballots in Michigan for which no vote was cast for president. Do these tend, say by 20,000, to be Democratic voters on the other issues? And is this number similar in all the states, or just the swing states? That is only one of a myriad of ways that the recount needs to be not only calculative, but intelligent. We can ferret these things out if we proceed intelligently. And how do the exit polls match the tally? In one county in Wisconsin, more votes were cast for Trump than thee were voters. Still, if the body politic were manipulated by spying and marketing tactics, we would only be recounting fraudulent or rather adulterated votes. That is why we have called for the Electoral College to revert to the original intent for that body and overturn the election results. But who knows, maybe Putin or Bart Bright Boy are stupid enough to fix our election in every way they could think of, rather than one sure way that we will not find because we ae repressing the truth regarding the spy-marketing, which the FBI likes so well and everyone thought would make them richer and safer, if we could just get around that dang Bill of Rights.

   Incidentally, that is how evil often works, using our own sin against us. In response to the question of whether I thought Putin was the Anti-Christ, I answered that he was not smart enough. Lest you fail too to get the joke, that means I do not think he is not wicked enough. Millions of corpses is the legacy of the Russian KGB, and we ae oblivious. Maybe we could have better relations, yea, if the Slaves would get up and free themselves from tyranny for a change, sometime this century. Yeah, how do you like us messing with your “elections?” Marxism is a German ideology, and fascism too comes from the West, whether out of German philosophy, Nazism or Italy. The fasces is of course the Roman scepter of rods and axes. These are the gift of the West to the East, and we would like to give them Jefferson to make up for it.

   New thought is emerging about the nature of Islamo-fascism, and as said, we suspect that this too has a Western source, and that the East might rid itself of this as well. We think that twentieth Century totalitarianism emerges out of the void left in the Christian or Biblical imagination when science asks a few questions that quickly lead to atheism. Again, Islam, we Jews and Christians are believers in “the God of Abraham and the last day,” not the “infidels” of Mohammed, who were the “polytheists,” and indeed the Atheists. Mohamed himself says that the Apostles wee “Muslim,” that is, people of the faith. And again, Moses was at least as vicious against the idolaters as is Mohammed, who also teaches not to idolatrize any man, such as Mohammed, as by killing those who write cartoons about him. We do not understand this very well how man was 3,200 years ago, but idolaters practiced human sacrifice, as did most peoples throughout the world (including our idealized native Americans and our British or “Celtic” ancestors, for some very strange reason that is not very well understood. The strange, irrational, anti-Darwinian practice somehow was the practice perhaps 70,000 years ago, when all the other races came out of Africa. Isaiah too describes the last day, and anything said about an Islamic aim at world rule could surely also be said of the Jews and Christians, though this is not what the prophecy means.

   These strange tyrannies are intellectual perversions or inversions of the imagination, based indeed as ‘Tocqueville says on the void in the Christian imagination. As Marx explicitly writes, revolutionary violence become spiritual violence, “philosophy in action,” I believe he calls it, when he is screaming for “torrents of blood” beyond 1794, and “Death to the Bourgeiose,” who are who, if not the parents of little girls dressed for Sunday school. Hence, Anastasia screamed in vain,” but if you want to do this to little girls, I am afraid you will have war from us, and would perhaps even from Martin Luther King, before we sit by as pacifists. Unlike Mohammed or Moses, Jesus sets aside the severity of the law. For the “Evangelicals, Baptists and those who try to rely on scripture rather than corrupt tradition, the word of God says “Moses says…but I say…” That is, the fact that the Bible is the word of God does not mean what we think it means, and I do not think the Bible anywhere teaches this, except to say that every word of scripture is inspired (spoke before there even was a New Testament). Here is an example: The Bible, which is the word of God, says that the word of God “was in the beginning.” The Jews teach that this is the Torah, and we too try to say that the New Testament “was in the beginning,” but this is not quite what it says. There is in fact no Biblical teaching that the Bible is the “word of God” in the sense that it would be refuted if Moses said one thing and Jesus another. Moses says stone the Adulteress, but we say, not that you have not sinned or that there is no sin, but “go and sin no more.”

Our Flag is Honored To Be Burned…

…and the smoke goes up, where it clinches the argument for Liberty. Our soldiers fought and died in war to guarantee the communists and other Anti-Amerikans the liberty to burn the flag as a form of symbolic speech. So it gives up its body to secure its meaning, and for 230 years has roughly succeeded. No other in the world is like it in this way…yea, “Shall not perish from this earth.”

This is obviously a constitutionally protected form of symbolic speech. Where no one else’s rights are being violated and fire safety observed, must be allowed.

   There are many interesting turns of this question which make it a good one for understanding the constitution in general. I could not legally bun the flag because I do not intend the symbolic speech intended by those who do so. The laws against flag desecration are constitutional too, so that I could be ticketing for leaving one in the rain or letting it touch the ground. I could bun a Confederate flag, however. This flag can appear as a decoration and even a statement of treason or in a theoretical statement, as in the “Ethno-State” of Mr. America First. The same arguments as those that pertain to the Smith Act apply here. But if it appears as a statement of territory or political sovereignty, like the flag on a bank or school, I believe we can take it down by force, properly applied. I sometimes wonder at the Southerners slow to get the news of the result of the Civil War. Yet I think property rights would prevent one from burning someone else’s flag, unless one were in a state where the property rights of the other do not apply.

   The use of flag desecration laws to prohibit the symbolic speech of flag burning is, then, a bit like the use of laws forbidding parading without a permit to arrest Martin Luther King Jr, just before he wrote his classic Letter From A Birmingham Jail. The law is constitutional, but parading is not what is occurring, and everyone knows it. But that is why we have judges, to see and to apply the law and the Constitution.

   If Mr. Trumpster had read even the most basic documents and done a poor course of 101 American politics, he would have sense enough not to say such things as that flag burners should be deprived of citizenship. He is a tyrant, and will show worse, because he must act from his gut, since he literally does not know what he is doing, despite having aimed at the presidency for many years. His tyranny began to appear in the choice of Mr. flag anti-Bannon comments Bright Bart, then he became more careful when he saw the reaction and realized the election could be overturned.

   The talk of recounts and the electoral college may have already saved lives among the opposition in Syria. If we did one thing there, it might be to get the civilians out, and let the Russians have their civil war between the charmers Assad and ISIS. We seem to have tried to get some people out during the cease fire. But this is a Taoist or Aikido-type tactic, to properly recede.

Dakota Access Pipeline

   Does it not seem that builders of the pipeline should have gone around the Sioux land? Are we to begin the next administration with another violation of treaty rights, and perhaps even another violent massacre, just so that all the sins of history might be repeated in the end times? One thing very disturbing to me is when the government is about to forcibly remove the protesters from federal land and says it is for the welfare of the protesters. That is maybe the third time I have heard that line, that government intrusion is for our welfare and benefit. An example is when the echo on my phone indicated that it was being tapped by a mobile unit through the cell phone tower, and I went outside to read my license plate and two county cars were there on the road. They too assured me they were there “for my welfare.” At first I was, like, good someone is taking care of me. But then I realized that it was a lie, and that if they cared at all especially about my mental welfare, they would not be spying on me, and if any trustworthy power wanted to know anything they would ask me. Today, I was trying to comment on a constitution website (though I am not allowed to do so because I am not “on” Facebook and will not give them information). My comments to my Representative are signed by the owner of the computer, because it has decided who I am. Oh, yea, and of course the matter has been reported and no one cares. My cursor began to misbehave, and then a square sign came over my sentence that said “Anti-Bannon,” as though someone were flagging things in the comments and accidentally left the flag visible to the writer. Sue, we can trust the government and the elections!

   What is the connection? Our government will no more respect the treaty rights of the Sioux than they will respect the social contract made with each of the citizens, because we have not insisted that they uphold their side of the agreement and obey the fundamental law that is the Bill of Rights. We are about to get the tyranny we have allowed to occur, and if one thinks it is just those other people that are about to be trampled, Dietrich Bonhoeffer will tell you, by the time they came for him, there was no one left to help.

   I won’t even try to do anything about the anti-Bannon flag- no one cares. No one cared when they stuck a virus on my box claiming top destroy my hard drive, apparently for reading the article “So, Trump was a Putin Puppet after all.”

Michigan Recount: No Reason?

   Rona Romney is again on the radio saying there is no reason for a recount in Michigan. One wonders why she even speaks, as the vote was so close, and there are eighty thousand ballots where no vote was cast for president at all, double the number of the previous year. The media does not want to consider the broader, more conspiratorial question of interference through the internet by Russia and Bright Bart, using spy tech and the same manipulation of voters as is used in marketing. Russia has demonstrated the intention and an overt act, in leaking the e-mails from the DNC, and we would ask Mr. Bright Bart under oath to describe what he did to achieve voter suppression, as in Pennsylvania. But add to the list of reasons that Rona sounds very insincere, though that has not cost the Republicans any votes of late.

   The reason for a recount is very broad, and no one is talking about it, perhaps because it sounds like a conspiracy theory, or requires a broad comprehensive view. Like conspiracy theories, it is annoying because we do not know that it is not so, and so requires us to think in a comprehensive way. The Russian intention and ability have been demonstrated, and are publicly acknowledged. The recount is only the beginning, and the first way to introduce the thought that something is very wrong about this and other elections lately. Again, we expect the main interference to have occurred through the spy-marketing system we have all come to accept in the past year, with absolutely no oversight or recourse when these powers are abused. The idea of elections belongs to the old, pre-internet world, and we have not yet adjusted to find a place for political liberty.

Bank Security and Fraud

   As one might expect, a little trip to the bank is not for me as uneventful as it may be for most. Today, I took in a stack of Capital One junk mail to the bank for them to dispose of, since I cannot do anything with them, throw them away or burn them, and do not have time to either shred them or money to buy a shredder. The bank denies responsibility for them, but it says Visa right on them, they gave me the visa, and then suddenly all these marketers have my numbers. Real mail gets mixed up with these, especially for us old guys who have to find glasses. The bank had just switched our credit cards to Mastercard, and we were compelled to call using our “primary phone” to activate the card. They would not allow us to activate the card in person- a big red flag. Then the report came on NPR that the activation companies are selling the numbers, at least some numbers and in at least one instance. I had complained because our phones go through the Philippines, and a tyranny has taken over in the Philippines, as it will soon here if we do not overturn this election. And #3, in order to do business over the phone, they require the first five digits of the social security number, for which we often give out the last four digits, over the phone, and all the phones are tapped, hacked and spy-marketed. I reported this to the FBI, and was told before being hung up on that I should “document this.” Small wonder the Wells-Fargo scam went on so long, since many people complained. I think my name and number are flagged by the FBI receptionist as one of those frequent callers who thinks they see things and reports them. They are being paid and I am not. I am correct and they are wrong. They hang up on me. Ditto for Congress, where I then reported the matter and asked if they could not see the need for proper regulation. They too are being paid, by both the citizens and the campaign contributors, who include the banks, so nothing will be done, at least until like the Wells-Fargo scam it hits the media and embarrasses them. Again, regulations are so that companies do not have to scam in order to compete, but can focus on making money off the value of their products, rather than the prostitution of their customers, who can go elsewhere for more of the same or do without. The regulation of commerce is a power given in Article One of the Constitution to Congress precisely to prevent this sort of thing, which has now taken over every part of our economy. Since scams do not produce value, and even detract value, our economy tanks or suffers the drag, as from a parasite, and no one can figure out why.

   This circumstance shows some of the reasons that America is tottering on the brink of tyranny. One simply cannot allow infinite spy and scam marketing, regardless of who is being paid, because it will destroy our nation. Two years ago, I wrote that the Bill of rights must be adapted to the internet and imposed by the United States, or the alternative is universal tyranny. This is mathematical, and the only question is how in particular this will take place. I did not suspect that they would have such success interfering with the election, so that our literal tyranny might come in January of 2017. No one on the T.V. will even raise the question of Russian and Bright Bart spy marketing and voter suppression. But it all started when we refused to limit telemarketing and junk mail. So, why is the “activation company” so interested in my “primary phone.” Are we brain dead from Oxy yet?

   So, what if we started a movement where all the junk mail sent us as a result of Visa etc. having our information were simply set on the counter at the bank? If only one percent of the people did this with only the Capital One/ Visa false mailings (one is not really “pre-approved”) the ability of the Banks to shred this fecal matter would be overwhelmed, and they just may stop abusing our mail and the information they compel us to give them in order to have a bank account and function.

   Yes, lets start a movement! WordPress limits my readers access through the search engines, so we will have to do this by word-of-mouth, but let us all, instead of giving them our time by shredding this garbage, use our time to protest by returning these to the bank. I would take them straight to Visa, but I cannot find their desk, though the bank surely can.

Brexit election Fraud? And what of the Primaries?

We have been amused lately at the likelihood of a Russian attempt, through their internet superiority, to direct elections in the West, and it now occurs to us to check these other votes in which the fascist right surprisingly seems to have done so well. Putin is of course a nationalist or fascist, right wing tyrant as opposed to a left wing or communist tyrant, and his relation say to Stalinism is not clear at all. The Brexit vote, like the Republican primaries, were a bit of a surprise. While I do not understand the British issue, we think Liberty does better when Britain is alone, but the Liberty does better in Europe from the participation of this, the Mother of all modern Western free nations. But to return. We have been purposely obtuse or voluntarily ignorant regarding the spy and marketing technologies, because these companies make a lot of money in the short term, and give some to Congress to grease their path. We have railed nearly alone for two years on related issues. What Putin may have discovered is that he can lead the West about by effecting the waves of the body politic, buying and selling his influence, and the capacity to turn elections. This would mean that the rise of the right is manufactured, a marketing ploy, a “run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes, or rather, hire a bunch of cheerleaders to direct the mob like a school of fish. We also suspect him in the Oxy scandal, in which American doctors mysteriously overprescribed the opioid to lead the Americans toward delirium and the heroin dealer. This is a win-win for both the Russian and the American mob. The Oxy scandal seems also to have served to prep us for the election fraud, and now the Donald wants to deregulate the Oxy-type businesses.

   If these things were occurring, we would not know, and so yes, someone besides me should be considering it. Again, we are appealing to the electors to cast their votes accordingly, if it appears that were orchestrated election fraud through the intentional manipulation of the body politic, and this is documented to have occurred in the leak regarding the DNC and in the false news, as well as the voter suppression I seem to remember an NPR report attributing to Mr. Bright Bart platform boy. The reason for appealing to the electors is that these unimagined things may be as legal as the internet spying and marketing that all admit we have allowed to occur. Perhaps by the next election, we will wise up.

   We are able to think of these possibilities because these are the sorts of things that tyrants do. There is no good reason to hand the world over to them, especially when all we need do is sit, stand, and perhaps lie down. These people think that they are very smart, using their calculative intellect to serve their goals of wealth and power. We can beat these people, with integrity and comprehensive thought, but we have to do it. It will not do itself, but it may only be the application of the law and the activity of the “better angels of our nature,” as Ken Berns recently cited Abe Lincoln. But they are chess players, and have anticipated some of our moves, perhaps better than the Donald seems to have anticipated the recount, after tying the hands of the Democrats with that pledge to honor even fraudulent results, and having himself been promised the election by Putin and Bright-boy. The FBI is governed by Ms. Lynch and Barack, although half will be Trumpsters sucking up for a job in the new administration. Hence, we have called for Congressional oversight of the Executive agencies by both Congress and President, even using the WHO if necessary.

Recount: Election Fraud Update

   Jill Stein has filed the papers to begin a recount of the votes in Wisconsin, and recounts will follow in other swing states. Ignoring the publicly acknowledged Russian involvement in the leak of DNC e-mails, and the publicly acknowledged attempts of Bright Bart and others to spread false news stories and suppress voter turnout in key areas, Rona Romney assures us that there is no reason for a Michigan recount. No indication of anything wrong at all in the elections, all the Republicans will be saying.” Of course, we may then simply be recounting the fraudulently cast votes. These people are chess players, and have surely thought out this move, and many others, ahead of time. But it is worth checking, and Jill Stein has reminded the nation that one is not quite President elect until the meeting of the Electoral College on December 19. The main reason, Ms. Romney, for a recount is the same as the reason for withholding the electors or for responsible electors to change their vote. While physical manipulation of votes would be obviously illegal, the internet manipulation of votes by a foreign power may not even yet be illegal, and may be impossible to detect, especially for us, if our computer security allowed this occur to begin. But the electors can survey the whole circumstance, and change their vote if only they do not trust the Russian involvement and the Russian interests exposed already. The electors can still fill their originally intended constitutional role of preventing tyranny, and we encourage them to do so. Since the Donald does not know what he is doing anyway, and all his intellectual content that is politically legitimate, aiming at the common good, is coming from the Republicans anyway, the United States has little to lose if we simply rid ourselves of this potential disaster. Sorry, Donald, its nothing personal, just business. But if we do not, we and the rest of the world may indeed have everything to lose.

   This election was fraudulently turned by the Russians working through the internet spying and marketing system that includes Facebook and Kaspersky, and other things like that. We could not reason it out ahead of time, but it is impossible to have free elections and free government any longer if we are going to be so slavish about spying and marketing. While there are some Trump supporters, those that surprised the pollsters may not exist at all. The truth may be that we have been reasoning backward, assuming that the election was fair, and hence taking the assumed results to be the near fifty percent “mandate” that the Trumpsters would like. It is hard to tell the difference between 46 and 51% by looking out one’s window. But America is not that course yet. We have called for the actuaries to consider the popular vote in comparison with the swing states, and it was reported last Friday on NPR that computer scientists had some questions, and that a Prof from Washington suggested the electoral college turn the election, as we would for one revealed to be an axe murderer between the election and the meeting of the college. The Donald was looking quite fascist in his appointments until this became a public issue, then suddenly he loves the Jews and is back peddling on all his fascist plans that had so encouraged that 10-25 % of what is now the Republican party, the one half of the Republicans who support him and are not concerned about his openness to fascist proposals.

   When the Republicans saw the reaction to the hiring of Mr. “platform for the Alt-Right,” the Donald quickly went public about his Jewish Son in Law and his support for Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He is not himself a literal Nazi. Nazism is one kind of fascism, while there are other kinds. Twentieth Century Totalitarianism is an anti-Biblical thing, as evidenced in the strange hatred of Hitler for the Jews. We say, as an hypothesis, “That was the book of Daniel. This may be the Revelation.” This may well be the sort of tyranny that pertains to the end times. The tyranny of the Antichrist will be anti-Christian, and this does not exclude the possibility that for a while it appear “Christian.” The “Evangelicals” have lined right up, with a few exceptions, behind the promised Trail of Tears and indiscriminate war in the Middle East. The Jews may have been the object in World War Two, the Christians and Muslims in III. Trump will use the hatred of the Jews for Islam, and the outgroups targeted by American “White guy” fascism will be the Moslems, the blacks and the Mexicans, at least at first. Again, we think that Trump himself is not quite a Klansman like Mr. Spencer or a Nazi like David Duke. But his openness and tolerance for the treasonous advocates of the “Ethno-state” seems to have inspired the world-wide encouragement of fascism, as in France. He does not really understand treason, and this fact might be argued in his defense at his impeachment trial in the Senate, should the recall fail and the electors remain “faithful.” It is the same Republican self interest that led to his election as that Republican self-interest which will lead to his impeachment, when it dawns upon 60% of Congress that this is fascism and not really what they had in mind. If they are not too late, we may then have President Pence. If we are too late, we will have civil strife, foreign war and the beginnings of the devolution of the Union back into states, as sanctuary cities will protect the innocents he intends to harm by setting them on his Trail of Tears.

   The goal of Putin is to get America into self-destructive civil conflict and even a third world war against all of Islam, so that he may take Europe, and if possible, seize the arms of the United States, which he does not even need to possess if he can but direct them. This circumstance is so obvious and so dangerous that responsible electors very well might change their  votes. But Putin is having his way with us, as he and the extreme right, the KKK, will have their way with the Trumpster. The Republicans think they can control Trump, but they are mistaken. If, between the election and the electoral college, it should become agreed that the President Elect were an axe murderer, the electors would change their vote- though one does wonder about these “Republicans.” A Million American lives lost in a needless war may hang in the balance, and they are still knee-jerks, and these are understatements. I have told two Trumpsters, “you will send your son/grandson out in a brownshirt and receive him home in a box for a war we did not need to fight.” Again, ISIS seems easy, but Putin plans to see to it that we are ensnared, and our own stupidity regarding Islam would be enough to ensnare us. One is reminded of the word “republic” in the old title of the U.S.S.R. There is a similarity between the use of speech in propaganda and in shysterism. Treason, too, has become difficult for them to understand if they but see dollar signs or despise Hillary. Unlike Trump, Hillary is not a crook, does not change opinions according to her advantage, and will not say and do anything to market her brand, and, contrary to the National Enquirer, is not in league with Russia.

   The Donald seems very worried even about a recount. As I have written, it does seem to me that someone promised him the election, and that Steve Bannon has been rewarded. The Americans do not see what is at stake, and barely know the difference anymore between tyranny and liberty, the KKK and the thought of Thomas Jefferson. But Emmitt Till knows the difference.

Violence in these matters will not work, but is guaranteed to occur if the Electoral College is called upon and fails. They can get us to strike one another, but no one can find the persons doing these things. It is our own defects, though, that make us vulnerable to it, just as the border will remain porous without a revolution in the integrity of border patrols, their profit motive and their example. As St. Martin taught, sit down! stand up!!But I myself would lie down in the freeway before Mr. Bright Bart, Steve Bannon, were allowed to enter Washington unopposed. So I suppose I draw the line when the platform provider for the “Ethno-state” becomes Chief of Staff and is to enter Washington. Our own State, to0o, may choose to remain under the U. S. Constitution, as may many others, once it becomes clear what these powers have in mind. And need we warn them not strike women and children in our presence? And to be equal, they may add the gentlemen. American Government indeed has checks and balances.

Yeah Jill Stein! Yeah American Constitution! Lets now awaken, and find this all to have been a  bad dream, even like the Wizard of Oz, with the man behind the curtain exposed and Dorothy back in Kansas!