Build a Wall of Integrity

   It is shocking and saddening to see the gap closed in the recent poll. The wall we need to protect our borders is built of integrity. If the border patrol did not take bribes, it would be quite difficult to get anything into the country. The Heroine epidemic does not come to us from Mexico but rather Afghanistan, and the recent spike came from the oxy problem- the greatest failure of medical ethics in world history. I am disappointed at the Republicans for not seeing the tyranny they are about to subject their once free nation. Our integrity is failing, and that is why we are sliding into tyranny. The Republicans have chosen self interesting over the good of their nation. No one sees, or even notices the impending tyranny, and those who can see have already been ruined. We thought the goal of education was money, and now we do not even notice a presidential candidate who is not able to lead the nation, nor even to use the word liberty. The failure of integrity is the wall we now lack, and the meanness will be suffered by ourselves as well as others. Tyrants are mean and what happens when a nation subjects itself to tyranny is not nice on any side.

The CLC position, then, is not that we need to build a wall of stone and repeat the Trail of Tears, nor that what we doing is the best we can do, but Stand Up. Choose decency and honesty because it is right, because you have thought about it would never harm your nation and destroy the integrity of the badge for money, no out of fear of an offer that it seems one cannot refuse. Integrity that protects ones nation does not come from men who think money is the most important thing making the most virtuous activity.


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