Jack Lessenberry Endorses Szymanski and Thomas for Michigan Supreme Court

We usually know nothing about the judges we elect, which is one reason that some states choose them by appointment. There is no party affiliation, so the vote does not even have this vague association on which to go. Frank Szymanski and Deborah Thomas are Democrat- affiliated, and Michigan, you recall, was ready to vote all the Republicans out of office after the Flint water crisis revealed the problem with economic-based political theory. The endorsement of Jack Lessenberry means a great deal, as he would not endorse guys who will sell out our courts and our municipalities so that organized crime can profit from legal property seizures. These people should go back to running businesses. Judges have spoke openly about the corruption necessarily implied when lawyers who are arguing the cases before the judges are the only one who know them, and the law firms contribute to the judges campaigns. Without a detailed knowledge of the matter, let us just say that we do not want to re-elect the judges who decided that the property seizures done when no crime was committed are just fine, for example after the red cross worker fought the case in court with no money. The police are “immune” and property is guilty. Justices who do not cringe from their knowledge of the Fifth Amendment at these practices do not belong on my ballot, let alone receiving my vote.

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