Police Lie to a Grieving Mother About the Death of Her Baby

   In a story by Prinna Boudreau called Treading Water, on the Moth Story Hour, the police told a woman who’s child had just died that the child had a bruise on the neck. They said the doctor’s had found this, but it was a lie. Their purpose was to test the people, in case they murdered or accidentally killed their child.

   Ok, Americans, this is your Bill of Rights test: What is wrong with the police doing this, even if helps catch child murderers in some cases? Innocent till proven guilty is, after all, not in the Bill of Rights at all. So what is wrong with police lying to us and creating false circumstances in order to test us for crime? Consider this principle regarding the dimension of the internet. The Uberdriver shooter said that the FBI was sending him suggestive things through the internet. Due to the heniousness of the crime, no one wanted to check publicly to see if that is truer. They are liable for all damages caused by presenting false realities to US citizens, because we have a Bill of Rights, and it is fundamental law.

   What is violated here is the provision of the Fifth Amendment that our liberty is not to be violated without due process. The mother should sue. The police caused suspicion between these people, could have damaged a marriage or even caused a suicide. Had such occurred, and the police were tried like a mother who accidentally shook a baby to death, with out intending to kill it, but doing a misdeed that was instrumental in causing a death, the police would not even have been charged with manslaughter- as would be just- let alone murder, as they charge those who did not intend to kill but have by a misdeed caused a death on some popular issue. In our opinion, for the good of the people, this mother should sue. Someone must tell the police, very loudly, that they do not own our liberty to a degree sufficient to create false circumstances for us without probable cause.

   I am reminded of the 17 year old shot to death when an Eaton County cop pulled him over for flashing bights lights back at the cop, whose lights were intentionally set too high.

   More “police training” is not going teach the police that they do not have the power to make false circumstances, lie about medicine, then see how we react. The police are operating in ignorance of the Bill of Rights, the fundamental law, and this is resulting in deaths, and many other problems. Regardless of how much crime could be prevented if police were given the powers of gods, they cannot have this power in America, and we need to tell them no. Loudly.

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