No Trump Tyranny: Hillary Will Be OK

Lots of things are said in the negative campaigning of elections. Then when one says something that is not false or exaggerated, no one can hear, having been deafened by too many false words. The National Enquirer has made it clear who they support, if not by whom they are owned. We worried for years about the mentality, where poor, bored alcoholic housewives pay what, five dollars, for a circus made of lies presented as serious or true. Trump has taken lately to saying about Hillary things that are true of him, like that he would cause a Constitutional crisis. He accuses her of complicity with the mob and treason regarding Russia. Yes, that little thing about Russia, the Mob, and the Russian mob, if these two or three things are still distinct. If we elect the Donald, we will pay for this National Enquirer mentality, and we will see the great test of our Constitution: How it works when a tyrant takes over one of the three branches of government. We probably cannot survive such a crisis, so we encourage other free nations to get the books and papers out before the house burns down.


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