Hey Hillary, Who Is The First Woman To Win The Popular Vote For The Presidency of the United States!

   Congratulations to Hillary Clinton, the first woman to ever receive the popular vote for the presidency of the United States. This is an enormous achievement in World History, though India and others have elected a woman. I am not a feminist, and do think that many things work like carpentry and sports, where even when allowed to compete equally, there may be exceptional women, but the males will simply usually produce the best. Socrates discusses this in Plato’s Republic, in the fifth book, where the same education for male and female guardians is proposed seriously for the first time, at least since Theseus defeated and then married the Amazon- perhaps the daughter of the same one from which he and Hercules stole the girdle. Politics, though, may be less like this than baseball is, especially since one third to one half of humanity is ethically bad, and ought be kept from positions of leadership and power. They, or we, simply desire the wrong things, and hold uncultivated priorities. Hence, ethical character is most important in politics, and while there are almost no woman philosophers, there are more often queens and princesses, or woman of noble and even royal character.

   Best of all, she does not have to bare the burden for which she is the best prepared, but gets to ride along here in the ship of state, as one of the heads of the Democratic Party. This might be a quite peaceful few years, if she did not have to watch one not prepared and not able try to drive this thing without hitting some reef, or titanic iceberg. But perhaps the two parties will even be able to work together, for example to keep a minimal health care while restoring individual responsibility, and paying for it by restraining the oxy drug companies and insurance fraud. Such a thing is not impossible, though I for one am not optimistic. As Hillary said, and of course, “we have to give him a chance.” And, Hillary, you ought to see the cabbages in my garden!

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