Imprimis Critique: Edward Erler on Who We Are As A People

   The Democrats do seem to have had some weaknesses on the question of citizenship and the Syrian refugees, at least in clarifying their position. The obvious solution is, much as Edward Erler says, to provide a place, money and protection to Syrian refugees in some nation with whom Syrians are not at war, if only to get them settled before the astronomical time that vetting will take. But, just as, were it left to the Republicans we would have no health care at all for the poor, even so, if it were left to them, we would not do a thing for any of the Syrian refugees. We would stand by and let little girls and old men be killed in a war that we had more to do with making than they did. Indeed, foreigners do not have the rights of American citizens, but who we are as a people says that they have human rights. Those who do not know this do not understand that second sentence of our Declaration.

   Granting these points, the Erler article is the third disturbing Imprimis article out of the last four. I keep saying that when we focus on jobs and technology as the goals of education, we get a generation that does not know what is wrong with electing tyrants and staffing offices with white supremacists. I do not think affirmative action is equality either, but the solution was once to become a Republican, not a Nazi. We used to wonder, regarding the Holocaust, “How Could this happen?” In the best educated nation in the history of the world, perhaps, and surely the most “enlightened,” the most influenced by modern science. Wonder no more, but only look around you. Claremont and Imprimis were once the bastions of an education that understood liberty and classical ethics and nobility. Replace their aristocracy with ethics based on race purity, and they hardly notice. I went to school with the same professors with whom the editor of Imprimis went to school. We do not believe in diversity as a commitment nor in ethical relativism, and we can smell a Nazi. Incidentally, these professors do not care if a student of theirs was spied upon, blacklisted and given a prostitute for a fiance as a result of studying with them, as does appear to be the case. No one cared nor cares, because they, with a few exceptions like Thomas G. West, do not believe in or teach the Bill of Rights.

   Mr. Erler has written a book on the Founders and immigration, and can be expected to be an expert. Nations must have borders. So become a Republican. The Nazis are using the Republican arguments to justify a swing to the extreme right. The argument of Mr Erler is about to be used to deport some 2-3 million persons who we are told are “criminal illegal” immigrants. We are to imagine drug gang leaders, not the parents of children who are American Citizens. Two to Three Million is about 1% of the American population, one of every one hundred of the people you have seen today. Our deportations and the vigor of I.C.E. have not been lax under the Obama administration, if some fine tuning is needed. But that is a poor excuse for what will be a Trail of Tears, just to let us know that our tyranny has indeed arrived. Erler’s arguments do not comprehend the difference between liberty and tyranny.

   He blames Islamic terrorism for the unconstitutional violation of the Fourth Amendment. If we increase immigration, it will require “the closer monitoring of the private lives of all Americans.” Again, I believe my former fiance was set on me due to proximity in my education especially to the CIA, and none of my former professors care in the least, even enough to join Congress in raising the question of whether this is who we are. It happened before 9/11, when we worried not about the Syrians but about the Russians, those very white guys Donney P.E.Trumpet now considers so admirable. We always did admire mobsters, and these people know our weaknesses better than we do. Are you able to get enough oxy for your pain? Surely you can trust your doctor and the shareholders of the drug companies! Hey, Erler is out in California, where they just legalized weed. At least now he might avoid becoming an oxy-heroin addict, or perhaps a public shooter due to anti-depressants, since those authorities know the good for him. Surely, though, he would obey every unconstitutional law even in private, especially regarding speech and religion, when they try to legislate those healthy beliefs they were once content to teach by consent. He would surely obey if they attempted to silence his teaching against “diversity” and “tolerance,” if only they had legally determined that his theorizing were destructive of the public good or public happiness.

   We are told that the pursuit of Happiness included “The idea that every right had a corresponding duty or obligation,” an idea “essential to the social compact understanding of the American founding.” That is why, when it states the purpose of government, the Declaration reads: “To secure these rights and enforce these duties…” Rather, rights are given precedence over duties because a large nation cannot but be ignorant of the highest good and hence incapable of legislating regarding “private pleasures or imagined pleasures.” The pursuit of Happiness is a right, and rights take precedence over duties, certainly in the modern state due to ignorance, but also, for Jefferson, even in the ancient polis wherever wisdom does not in fact rule. Otherwise, Nazism and Islamo-fascism or Christian fascism might be constitutional. But they are not constitutional, and neither is the new Trump tyranny, except that we must give him a chance and abide by the law and the elections until he commits an impeachable offence or indeed institutes a government that in the fundamental ways fails to “secure these rights.”Socrates too probably could be said to have taught that it is unjust for the city to suppress the pursuit of wisdom, or even the life of the light of the mind for every man. Hence, if one is not violating the rights of another, including the human rights of the stranger or sojourner, government is to leave them alone. “Whatever is (deemed) destructive of the public good or public happiness” indeed cannot be proscribed. “To secure these rights, governments were instituted among men…And whenever it fails to “secure these rights, it is their right, it is their duty to abolish that government.” And indeed, as the sun is setting, I do not suggest we wait for a very long train of abuses.

   No, Mr. Erler, we are not willing to tolerate those pledged to kill us and destroy our way of life, and, if you will remember, that is why we fought the Nazis in World War II and endured the Cold war. God forbid we admit aliens bent upon destroying our way of life. We indeed have enough Nazis from Germany and Mobsters from Russia, though we do not yet have enough white guys! Those white guys killed, murdered, about one hundred million of their fellow citizens, one million per year when their nations were not even involved in civil wars. Our educated elites seem indeed as oblivious as theirs were. Oh, but do make it a point that by 2040, whites will no longer be a majority in America, and just forget to figure in the fact that we White-Anglo-Saxon Protestants mysteriously stopped reproducing.

   Indeed, our constitution does not forbid us from denying admittance to Nazis and Satanists, even if domestically it is unconstitutional to forbid any religion, until it violates the rights of another. One can see the trouble we will get into if we combine Erler’s understanding with the error of Andrew C. McCarty about Islam, identifying with fascism, much as the Jews mis-identified the Inquisition and even the Nazis with Christianity. Again, we are dependent upon the genuine Muslims to penetrate the Islamo-fascists. The Imprimis error, published for 3.5 million conservatives, sets us into a war we do not need and may well lose, against 1.9 Billion Muslims with whom we share the belief in the God of Abraham, charity, chastity, justice, and indeed the rejection of compulsion in matters of religion. The Republicans are now closer to Sharia law and what is called “theocracy” than are most Muslims.

   Indeed, borders are a problem for the good Samaritan, the doctors without borders, Dorothy from Oz, and anyone who cannot rest content with the artificial barriers between people taken as fundamental. We just do not want to be the bricks in your wall.

   As I have told a relative who is a Trump supporter, prepare your grandchildren, as brownshirts, for war, and prepare to receive them home in a box, because that is the choice you are making. Surely ISIS does not appear to be able defeat us, but Putin has been trying to get us bogged down in the Middle East so that he can kill my relatives over there in the Ukraine, and Obama has wisely resisted. Trump has already fallen into his trap. Putin and others will continue to lead Trump along like a bull by the nose ring, luring him into trap after trap by such weaknesses as the love of money. Oh yes, and the love of power to which, when he gets that surge on January 21st, he will be a neophyte.

P.S. I am most disappointed in my Conservative professors and their schools for not understanding tyranny when it appears right a front of them. I offered to write and study on this topic for peanuts, but the Earhart Foundation turned down my requests for grants, which were uniquely not supported, as part of my blacklisting. I would have written on the cause in the soul of this and other forms of tyranny, and can only say, “ok then, what is the cause of Twentieth Century Totalitarianism?” Give your highest and your best account, perhaps that of Allan Bloom, which cannot distinguish fascism from Christianity, focusing on “political idealism” as that involved in not being able to imagine that the Republic and the best regime could be anything other than a literal blueprint for political action. My essay would have had a few spelling errors, and, as new thought, may have been difficult to clearly state, but, unlike your Machiavellians, at least I would be able to talk.


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