Bank Security and Fraud

   As one might expect, a little trip to the bank is not for me as uneventful as it may be for most. Today, I took in a stack of Capital One junk mail to the bank for them to dispose of, since I cannot do anything with them, throw them away or burn them, and do not have time to either shred them or money to buy a shredder. The bank denies responsibility for them, but it says Visa right on them, they gave me the visa, and then suddenly all these marketers have my numbers. Real mail gets mixed up with these, especially for us old guys who have to find glasses. The bank had just switched our credit cards to Mastercard, and we were compelled to call using our “primary phone” to activate the card. They would not allow us to activate the card in person- a big red flag. Then the report came on NPR that the activation companies are selling the numbers, at least some numbers and in at least one instance. I had complained because our phones go through the Philippines, and a tyranny has taken over in the Philippines, as it will soon here if we do not overturn this election. And #3, in order to do business over the phone, they require the first five digits of the social security number, for which we often give out the last four digits, over the phone, and all the phones are tapped, hacked and spy-marketed. I reported this to the FBI, and was told before being hung up on that I should “document this.” Small wonder the Wells-Fargo scam went on so long, since many people complained. I think my name and number are flagged by the FBI receptionist as one of those frequent callers who thinks they see things and reports them. They are being paid and I am not. I am correct and they are wrong. They hang up on me. Ditto for Congress, where I then reported the matter and asked if they could not see the need for proper regulation. They too are being paid, by both the citizens and the campaign contributors, who include the banks, so nothing will be done, at least until like the Wells-Fargo scam it hits the media and embarrasses them. Again, regulations are so that companies do not have to scam in order to compete, but can focus on making money off the value of their products, rather than the prostitution of their customers, who can go elsewhere for more of the same or do without. The regulation of commerce is a power given in Article One of the Constitution to Congress precisely to prevent this sort of thing, which has now taken over every part of our economy. Since scams do not produce value, and even detract value, our economy tanks or suffers the drag, as from a parasite, and no one can figure out why.

   This circumstance shows some of the reasons that America is tottering on the brink of tyranny. One simply cannot allow infinite spy and scam marketing, regardless of who is being paid, because it will destroy our nation. Two years ago, I wrote that the Bill of rights must be adapted to the internet and imposed by the United States, or the alternative is universal tyranny. This is mathematical, and the only question is how in particular this will take place. I did not suspect that they would have such success interfering with the election, so that our literal tyranny might come in January of 2017. No one on the T.V. will even raise the question of Russian and Bright Bart spy marketing and voter suppression. But it all started when we refused to limit telemarketing and junk mail. So, why is the “activation company” so interested in my “primary phone.” Are we brain dead from Oxy yet?

   So, what if we started a movement where all the junk mail sent us as a result of Visa etc. having our information were simply set on the counter at the bank? If only one percent of the people did this with only the Capital One/ Visa false mailings (one is not really “pre-approved”) the ability of the Banks to shred this fecal matter would be overwhelmed, and they just may stop abusing our mail and the information they compel us to give them in order to have a bank account and function.

   Yes, lets start a movement! WordPress limits my readers access through the search engines, so we will have to do this by word-of-mouth, but let us all, instead of giving them our time by shredding this garbage, use our time to protest by returning these to the bank. I would take them straight to Visa, but I cannot find their desk, though the bank surely can.


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