Brexit election Fraud? And what of the Primaries?

We have been amused lately at the likelihood of a Russian attempt, through their internet superiority, to direct elections in the West, and it now occurs to us to check these other votes in which the fascist right surprisingly seems to have done so well. Putin is of course a nationalist or fascist, right wing tyrant as opposed to a left wing or communist tyrant, and his relation say to Stalinism is not clear at all. The Brexit vote, like the Republican primaries, were a bit of a surprise. While I do not understand the British issue, we think Liberty does better when Britain is alone, but the Liberty does better in Europe from the participation of this, the Mother of all modern Western free nations. But to return. We have been purposely obtuse or voluntarily ignorant regarding the spy and marketing technologies, because these companies make a lot of money in the short term, and give some to Congress to grease their path. We have railed nearly alone for two years on related issues. What Putin may have discovered is that he can lead the West about by effecting the waves of the body politic, buying and selling his influence, and the capacity to turn elections. This would mean that the rise of the right is manufactured, a marketing ploy, a “run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes, or rather, hire a bunch of cheerleaders to direct the mob like a school of fish. We also suspect him in the Oxy scandal, in which American doctors mysteriously overprescribed the opioid to lead the Americans toward delirium and the heroin dealer. This is a win-win for both the Russian and the American mob. The Oxy scandal seems also to have served to prep us for the election fraud, and now the Donald wants to deregulate the Oxy-type businesses.

   If these things were occurring, we would not know, and so yes, someone besides me should be considering it. Again, we are appealing to the electors to cast their votes accordingly, if it appears that were orchestrated election fraud through the intentional manipulation of the body politic, and this is documented to have occurred in the leak regarding the DNC and in the false news, as well as the voter suppression I seem to remember an NPR report attributing to Mr. Bright Bart platform boy. The reason for appealing to the electors is that these unimagined things may be as legal as the internet spying and marketing that all admit we have allowed to occur. Perhaps by the next election, we will wise up.

   We are able to think of these possibilities because these are the sorts of things that tyrants do. There is no good reason to hand the world over to them, especially when all we need do is sit, stand, and perhaps lie down. These people think that they are very smart, using their calculative intellect to serve their goals of wealth and power. We can beat these people, with integrity and comprehensive thought, but we have to do it. It will not do itself, but it may only be the application of the law and the activity of the “better angels of our nature,” as Ken Berns recently cited Abe Lincoln. But they are chess players, and have anticipated some of our moves, perhaps better than the Donald seems to have anticipated the recount, after tying the hands of the Democrats with that pledge to honor even fraudulent results, and having himself been promised the election by Putin and Bright-boy. The FBI is governed by Ms. Lynch and Barack, although half will be Trumpsters sucking up for a job in the new administration. Hence, we have called for Congressional oversight of the Executive agencies by both Congress and President, even using the WHO if necessary.

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