Michigan Recount: No Reason?

   Rona Romney is again on the radio saying there is no reason for a recount in Michigan. One wonders why she even speaks, as the vote was so close, and there are eighty thousand ballots where no vote was cast for president at all, double the number of the previous year. The media does not want to consider the broader, more conspiratorial question of interference through the internet by Russia and Bright Bart, using spy tech and the same manipulation of voters as is used in marketing. Russia has demonstrated the intention and an overt act, in leaking the e-mails from the DNC, and we would ask Mr. Bright Bart under oath to describe what he did to achieve voter suppression, as in Pennsylvania. But add to the list of reasons that Rona sounds very insincere, though that has not cost the Republicans any votes of late.

   The reason for a recount is very broad, and no one is talking about it, perhaps because it sounds like a conspiracy theory, or requires a broad comprehensive view. Like conspiracy theories, it is annoying because we do not know that it is not so, and so requires us to think in a comprehensive way. The Russian intention and ability have been demonstrated, and are publicly acknowledged. The recount is only the beginning, and the first way to introduce the thought that something is very wrong about this and other elections lately. Again, we expect the main interference to have occurred through the spy-marketing system we have all come to accept in the past year, with absolutely no oversight or recourse when these powers are abused. The idea of elections belongs to the old, pre-internet world, and we have not yet adjusted to find a place for political liberty.

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