Election Recount: The Republican Arguments Against Looking Behind the Curtain

   So far, in addition to raising the price, the republicans have agued that there is no indication of any possible irregularities in the vote count, and that Jill Stein does not have the standing to ask for a recount because she could not possibly have won the election, though Hillary may well have.

   Regarding standing, though, it is simply not the law that the candidate must themselves have been within range of victory. We saw them tie the hands of the Democrats with that criticism of the Trumpster for threatening not to honor the results if he did not win. That is the whole reason they were slow to get on board. Plus, it is more proper that this be suggested by the third parties in the interest of another, rather than by one party in their own interest. If Stein had one electoral vote, she would have a literal chance, should there fail to be a majority of electors for either, and the election go to the house where they choose her as a compromise.

   It is interesting too that, had Stein thrown her votes to Hillary, she, that is, Hillary,  would apparently have won Michigan. That is why, in addition to advising the Democrats to choose Bernie for V.P., we here at the CLC– the smallest political party in America- advised Both her and Mr. Johnson to endorse Hillary. That too would have prevented our little problem here.

   There really are no good arguments against a rational consideration of whether we are to allow our nation and the world to drift into an age of Fascism. When there is an important question, it almost always helps to examine the matter methodically and call out all our powers to learn the truth of the matter.

   Remember in the movie “Finding Nemo,” where the whole school is caught in the fishing boat’s net, and Nemo says, Everybody Swim Down!

Well, Everybody, Swim Down!

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