The Emperor was the first Roman Emperor to turn into a monster. Augustus was relatively human. He was the Emperor during the life of Jesus, and it is in coincidence with the life of Jesus that the worst tyrannies ever known came to Rome. Five times, I think, in the first century, the Roman Emperor was a monster- Calligula, then after Claudius, Nero, then later Domitian and thee is one more in thee somewhere, if Nerva was again more tolerable. But Tiberius was the first. His transformation began with extreme paranoia regarding assassins, to which tyrants are notoriously subject, having injured so many people they are bound to find one vengeful. This paranoia seems to have coincided with his descent into lust there on the isle of Capri, so that soon he was taking boys with whom to swim in the pool, etc. When there is no possibility of a conflict of interests, the tyrants lusts can become unlimited, since the law that limited the uncultivated soul is removed for them.

   For the Trumpster, should we fail to remove him, we will a surge of power upon inauguration the begins to transform him. Since he has never considered the cultivation of the soul, he will simply be prey to this, though ones own power be not served, even according to Machiavelli. These unintelligent tyrannies are perhaps messy, but less trouble in the long run.

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