Time to Ask For Recounts in All Swing States

   Ok, after just glancing at the article of U of M computer scientist Alex Haldaman, there appears to be little reason that others do not help Jill Stein and call for recounts in all swing states. This is very unfortunate, but the trouble would be avoided if M. Trump would concede, perhaps to avoid answering questions under oath with Mr. Bright Bart. Six Electors, too, had said already at the time of that article, about a week ago, were saying they could not vote for the Trumpster. Russian hacking and Bright Bart shenanigans have gone from a vague possibility to a near certainty.

   Tyrants are like that, that is the kind of thing they do. Look under that rock, look under this, and you may just find a snake. We still want the spy-marketing system to be investigated by the FBI and with Congressional oversight. That we are saving the Obama legacy and preventing what many can see is a national disaster is almost a side issue. The Trumpsters response is to make fun of us and say  “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” Perhaps for an encore, we will bring back the broom of that Wicked Witch of the West, as in our study of tyranny. Where is that water bucket…

   The fact that Trump has many supporters who do not understand or who actually choose tyranny is also irrelevant. They will say that we are the cause of Civil War, and many other things. The truth is that Trump would cause civil war, as when the sanctuary cities oppose federal troops and whole states secede. Most of the NRA is law abiding, so it does not yet matte that his move was gain to himself most of the arms. Trump likes to accuse others of what he is in fact doing, which is helpful because then he gives us clues. But that does not change the facts if Russia and the Alt-right entered into treasonous alliance to throw the election. What does one expect? They must say and do something, at least until the water hits them, proving they were made of sugar all along. Yeah, come get me, cowboy, then we will know who you are!

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