We Are Supposed To Be Afraid To Speak / One Man on a Barbed Wire Fence

   The interference on the search engines when one looks up J. Alex Halderman is quite interesting. He is the U of M computer geek who wrote an article in the New Yorker saying that because of the demonstrated Russian action and intents and the nature of computer security, there is plenty of reason for a recount of the votes in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

   On Yahoo today, there were adds and right wing rants cluttering the search so badly I could not find my way to his site, though I made it yesterday. Whoever is controlling my computer will not let me use Google at all, for the past two months, Microsoft having got the advantage and bumped them. When I look up mmcdonald77 on Yahoo, someone has chosen the most unflattering categories from my list, which they do have permission to publish that way to begin. “Foreign” misspelled, “Drugs” “Folk Love” – two of these are category title errors WordPress will not allow me to erase. These are probably the same as the people who listed a two year cancelled Reddit website with pictures of buds. Seems my writing on why the law against marijuana is unconstitutional pissed off some fascist, who does this in lieu of an argument to the contrary.

   We are supposed to be afraid to speak. They can find us and ruin us. Mr. Bright Bart has made a profession of this sort of thing. With the radical, Orwellian world of spy-marketing, where nothing is private, we are supposed to be too afraid to oppose the rising tyranny. My response is, ok, you want to know my private thoughts: I believe my ex-fiancé was set on me by my own government in order to spy on and perhaps blacklist and ruin me. While at first I was cautious, speaking only to my elected representatives, I have of late gone public with the story a bit more, though no one cares or understands, and it is still my fault. I have asked my representative to ask these people to describe everything they did to me through the course of my education and following, and even to have the president order them to tell the truth, since they claim the executive privilege to lie, even to Congress. You want the private things to be public, you will get them, all of them. I want oversight, accountability and meaningful recourse, which would mean that Congress must know and care when they destroy someone with their Snowden style spying, some people would be subpoenaed and perhaps go to jail, and I would be compensated in proportion to the damages, and I don’t have to limp around wounded like an accident victim in court in a neck brace, but one can imagine the effects if what I say is true. I would describe in court what I think was done to me and why I think it was done, and even the direction in which to look for who did it, if two subpoenas did not answer that question. But literally no one cares. No one can even understand the scenario, let alone believe me. But what is certain, again, is that if these things did occur, absolutely nothing would be done about it, as though this prostitution-spying were just fine with everyone.

   So perhaps we ought have been afraid to study, especially politics, if we wanted to have friends, career and family. But I would not change my studies one bit, so that some ONE would still be free to scream bloody murder to my fellows, who stare back blank faced, while a tyrant ascends the throne of the presidency of the United States. Gee, how could such a thing happen?

   If someone is messing with Haldeman, confirming our suspicions about the election, Russian influence and the likelihood that the election was indeed thrown by the Russians to advance the fascist agenda, no one cares, and that is how this is happening. I called my Senator, but the assistant is as usual dumbfounded by the simplest things. I would tell the FBI, but they would laugh and hang up on me again. At least they don’t come shoot people as do the police. And if they did, no one would care, anymore than they cared when the man in St. Paul was shot reaching for his ID according to command (resulting in five police deaths in Dallas) or when they shot John Berry in LA. I am afraid we are getting what we deserve, if political liberty and all common concern are this dead.

   I am supposed now to be afraid to speak because of Trump and Bright Bart, the villain he holds as right hand man. Perhaps they are not afraid because they think we would not turn the spy-tech on them, when they are suspected of TREASON. I’ll bet they are more afraid of testifying under oath than I am to speak, and if they are not, perhaps they should be. Since this won’t happen, I will help the reporters, beginning with, “Mr. Trump, did someone promise you the election? Mr. Bright Right, appearing even as an angel of light, are you in league with the Russians, perhaps because you are anti-gay and “White?” If it were I that were commanding the press, it would be he that would need to empty his pants! We are supposed to be terrified by their anger, while they growl fearless.

But let us take courage, and pride, as Bono says, “in the name of Love.”

One man on a barbed wire fence.

5 thoughts on “We Are Supposed To Be Afraid To Speak / One Man on a Barbed Wire Fence

  1. “I am afraid we are getting what we deserve, if political liberty and all common concern are this dead.”

    Yes! Unfortunately, myopic anger and hatred are all consuming and blind victims from care for anything other than the venting of their irrational, stoked, hatred. And the election is the terrifying result of their suicidal, unfounded, revenge.

    • Indeed, it is beyond strange. But half the “Republicans” can see it if they try, and the Electoral College has not yet voted. Will we see the victory of the American Constitution, and fascism dissolve like the Wicked Witch of the West?

      • Especially not longer than they can waterboard! We are a half-step away from domestic torture, since they do not know why this is wrong if it but appear to ones advantage. We want the Trumpster to answer under oath as to whether someone promised him the election. And Bright Bart, too, might answer the question under oath: “What did you do one the internet to suppress or encourage votes?” Perhaps we need a lie detector, though, since they do not believe in oaths.

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