Donvallo Malmutius, MacDomnwald MacDonald, McDonald and The Donald

   It is interesting that the word “Donald,” from ancient Welsh, means “world ruler.” I have never considered this prophetic, but who knows? Nor do I consider this dolt to have such capacity. Donwallo Malmutius is the mythic early lawgiver of the ancient Britons, according to Geoffrey of Monmouth. He was not a very good lawgiver, known for the ritual of trial by combat apparent in Shakespeare’s Richard II. If my own name is not an add-on for some family servant, I and the Donald might even be related! It is of course not clear that the McDonalds are related to the Scottish Trumpster. That is how I came to inquire into the meaning of the name, which came into use among the “Scots,” who are really some blend of the Picts, the immigrating Irish and the Northern Welch, who scattered to the Western part of the Island of Britain after the defeat of Arthur, about 532 A.D.

   There is a very funny ancient rivalry between the McDonalds and the Campbells, the very families that spawned the burger and soup companies. They massacred a bunch of us just three hundred years ago. But then my guys were on the wrong side, supporting the King in the Revolutionary war, down there in South Carolina. We even make a page in the history books, the stupid Tories!  They seem to have escaped to Detroit and then Canada, as I am about to do. In Canada, believe it or not, none of this excrement is occurring, people shot daily in the streets, infinite spy-marketing, and a growing majority indifferent to the now obviously rising fascism. They are less oblivious than we of our own Bill of Rights, and twenty years behind us in corruption. I should get back over before they wise up and build a wall, making us pay for it. Free speech will end on January 20.  My hope is that my guys came directly from Scotland to Canada, and were never Tories.

   We also appear in Shakespeare’s MacBeth, where the “murderous Mac Donwald” is “unseamed” from the knave to the chops by MacBeth, the tyrant of the play, and yes, the villain. That ought keep his mouth closed! Those things are of course historical, as recorded by Holinshed to have occurred one millennium ago, in the Eleventh century. McDonald is the Irish spelling, which we adopted quite late, in Canada. Mc of course means “son of.” And who knows, the way that guy gets around, a bit Like Hamlet’s Claudius!

   This dolt must be ruled, either by the Republicans, the fascist right or the Russians, as he does not have the ruling principle within himself. This fact is extremely dangerous for our nation: Electors consider. He is taking his appearance from the Republicans, who are trying to use him to promote the ancient partisan agenda- with  which we centrists are in agreement. But every time one looks for his own platform, it is fascist right down the line, with every single point exact. Machiavelli of course, in his “The Prince,” teaches something like this use of appearance: one is to be a fox and a lion, but use the appearance of the human. The used car salesman or real estate success motivation speaker is not nearly so sophisticated. A nation raised on how to win friends and influence people by spending one’s brief life in bullshitting, to whore ones face and oneself for money and call this the character we admire and the ability to govern men, well, we will be open prey the Bigger Bullshitter! That, indeed is the defect of our education, and not what Machiavelli describes in II,ii of his Discourses as the defect of their education.

References: Geoffrey of Monmouth, History of the Kings of Britain, II.17.

   Geoffrey, writing about 1129-1151 is more historical than we imagine. One might check with the locals and the monks about Avalon- the “Apple Island” around Gloucestershire when the water was higher around Glastonbury Abbey. That would become apparent if someone, after twenty years, would take up my cue and search for the grave of King Lear (Leir) on the banks of the river Soar, right there in the oldest section of Liecester, which is of coarse the “city of Lear.” Lud-don is the “city of Lud,” etc.

   One more point from Geoffrey I just cannot resist: Guennevere is from York, Where Constantine the emperor who wrote the edict of Milan in 313 A.D. had been crowned in the household of his dying father Constantius just a century and a half before Arthur. Constantius is the husband of St. Helen, the mother of Constantine, who started up the recovery of the relics and Christian cites here at the beginning of the middle ages, when the Roman empire becomes Christian. This Constantius, as distinct from the later one, is the Roman emperor, then one of four, to have ceased the ten persecutions of Christians between Nero and Diocletian. Thee is a famous scene recorded by Eusebius where he pretends like he is going to make the Christians confess for execution, then keeps all these who would face death and fires all the old servants who would have helped kill them. So Guinevere comes from York with possible imperial lineage and marries Arthur in the generation just after Aurelius Ambrosius, and Ambrosius is the surname of Merlin. He is also the bother of Uther Pendagon, who snuck in to visit Cornwall’s hot wife. The Battle of Baddon is in 516, according to Gildas and Nennius. The French writer, following Geoffrey, fills in the Lancelot story. The nation goes into decline, due to the advance of the invading Angles, with many like Gildas having fled to Brittany, and the west scattered to the Western side of the Isle, later to become the Welch, (and make grape juice!). Here the Dark Ages descend upon the region, cut off from the Roman empire and the declining Western Civilization. Hence, the history of Athur was preserved only among the Welch, most of whom could not write, certainly no better than St. Patrick! Patrick too was one of the last of the ancient Roman Christian Britons, an Aristoi develoed from 300- 532 A.D. whose memory gives us the imagination of the Medieval Christian Knights.

Livy, The Early History of Rome, 5.34 (about 390 B.C.).

   I am quite proud to be the guy who figured that these were the Galicians of South Poland, if that is true!


11 thoughts on “Donvallo Malmutius, MacDomnwald MacDonald, McDonald and The Donald

  1. Very excellent!

    There is definitely something wonderful and mystical in names.

    I was so caught up by a bulletin board at our temple’s nursery school that featured identical report covers all titled, “All About Me,” that I edited a picture I took to say, “Only About Me.” In Facebook, I captioned the edited photo something like, “Which will be the next megalomaniac?”

    It was only after reviewing the result that I saw that the child’s name, in his own hand, was Cesar!

    Hope this code works:

    • Very amusing!

      Caesar and company are warped to our view by the opaque glass of history, here due to the tyranny of the Caesars especially in the First century. The Biblical view provides an independent view of the Roman tyranny, a view not warped by having to write under their power. (Yeah, Donney, your “Terrific!” and it will be “just great!”). Compare Josephus and Shakespeare on Cleopatra. Ole Cleo seems to have done Herod, to add to her trophy case. Herod came to power by bribing or paying Antony and Caesar for the kingship of the Jews, and the Romans sat by when Herod committed the slaughter of the children of Bethlehem. Good thing JC and ‘is mum were in Ethiopia!

      What is it Julius says right before he gets stabbed, that he is as “constant as the northern star?” Yeah, By-ya! A-dios!

      The slaughter of the innocents refutes our view of providence, where we think of God as the puppeteer of the universe, to be petitioned with our prayers to serve our interests. The incarnation allowed the Slaughter of the innocents, Ramah heard weeping for the children by the prophets. And yet the angel was sent to warn the mum ‘n pop, and they escape. The wise men knew by astrology that the messiah was to be born, yet Herod could shake them down for information that led to the slaughter of all the male children of Bethlehem near the age of Jesus.

  2. I so much loved your post that I would like to share it with my closest family and friends by email and also with my extremely select and limited (11) group of Facebook friends.

    With appreciation!

    • I would like to edit it a bit, and apologize for any confusion. Here is another cool thing: Galicia, Galatia and Galicia south of Poland are all related. According to Livy, the Gauls sent out three colonies about the 300’s B. C. Donvallo is B.C., but the Galicians may all be Celts! I got this because my maternal ancestors are from Galicia in Poland. Livy says the three went to northern Italy, Galatia, to whom Paul writes his letter to the Galatians, and to “Southern Germany.” I reconnected my family back to Djikow Stary on the San river in South Poland, and flew over Witki once by Google earth! They were under the Austrian Emperor guy! But none of relatives care! They put my article in the Bremond Historical museum in Texas, (with a huge error right in like the second sentence!) Thanks, and lets get these electors to consider!

      • Of course. And very interesting. I have virtually, closer to actually, no awareness beyond my parents and the vaguest sense of my grandparents. But, a relative of my father’s mother, Israel Mattuck, was I understand, significant in the development of reform Judaism in America. He gets a quotation in the sayings section of the last edition of the High Holiday prayer book.

      • Of course you can and may pass this stuff around despite my hope to edit. Anything here may be printed etc. for reading and academic purposes (that is my anti-copyright, on the about page!) And what is his saying? I have an old Jewish prayer book around here somewhere…Do you know all about Leo Strauss and his students? They are by far my best teachers. I have a friend, Nolan (Nahemia) Blavin, in Israel now. He prays by the tomb of David! He has a x couple books, one is The owners manual to the soul” (an amusing title, if not quite true!) He once read me some untranslated Zohar from which I am still in a state of amazement, though I could not say just what it was.

  3. Thank you for this. I have heard of Leo Strauss, but my son Michael, I am sure, is very familiar with him. Michael just got his Masters Degree in Jewish Studies from Hebrew College. His Masters subject was an in depth analysis of two Israeli war films set during the 1982 invasion of Lebanon in light of the concept of “Purity of Arms.” Next fall, he will be continuing for a Doctorate at Indiana University Bloomington. Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy of the Prayer Book, but have asked Michael if he can get it. I am surmising that your friend Blavin translated the untranslated Zohar on the fly. Otherwise it would have been like the Indian Chief in “The Frisco Kid” who read the Rabbi’s Torah, every word but didn’t understand a single one.

  4. The Jews are of course from one of the two tribes, Judah and Benjamin, with a sprinkling of Levites, those who returned from the Babylonian captivity. The ten tribes were scattered by the Assyrians by 607 B.C. These twelve are of course the offspring of Isaac, whose other name is Israel. He is the half-brother of Ishmael, and hence the offspring of Abraham are all believers in the God of Abraham and the last day, indeed believing that there is no other God, and all three faiths are believers in the last day. The “infidels” referred to by Mohammed are polytheists, while he calls all the Apostles Muslim, that is, people of the faith, and these were Muslim before Mohammed, who we and they are indeed forbidden to idolotrize. Abraham “came forth from Ur of the Chaldees,” so that the Jews are likely too elated to these Iraquis. He bought an oral history that has the same root as the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh, and led to the Book of Genesis. About 1700 B.C., Joseph and the Jews go into Egypt, and do not get out till Moses, about 1200 B.C., and the Biblical history from Exodus to the minor prophets is from here until 586. That is how Daniel came to be in the court of Nebuchadnezzar, to see the prophecy. After the captivity, the Jews return, holding out under Alexandrian and then Roman rule until the prophesied destruction of the temple in 70 A.D. Then the Shemmites, these sons of Eber the Hebrews, are scattered among the Japhites, some emigrating to Poland and Russia, the poles welcomed by King Kasimirez to help my stupid ancestors in Galicia bank the chips from growing potataos. My teacher had a grandmother who hid under a barrel while her village was slaughtered in a Russian pogram around Kiev, and mine were chased out of east Galicia by those same nice neighbors of ours! We found a picture taken in Lvov of my great gandmother and he father Bielamowiz, taken at her wedding to Thomas Tomczyszyn before 1890. But the “Scythian” blood mixed with the Scots may well be from connections to the colony in Galicia. Galicia was its own kingdom for a while, centered around Halytch and including Lvov, as well as Auschwitz and Kracow, so it very ancient, different from Warsaw, but then subjected by Austria when Poland was partitioned and dissolved. Then they stuck between the Germans and the Russians, suffering both forms of Twentieth Century Totalitarianism, and the connection was lost. My mum thinks we have Jewish blood from my grandmother’s black hair, and people would lie about it even back then because of the pogroms. She sent packages to relatives in the Camps, where poles but not Jews were allowed to receive them, like Thaddeus Borowski;

    The Jews will not be the objects of the racio-religio-cide about to emerge, and the Trumpster is already going to use the Jews to beat up on the Muslims, and to prove he is not a Nazi. The Hammites will also be included, and the Black and Jews, as well as the Journalists and race traitors, you watch. Thinking there is no other form of Fascism, we are about to allow this to begin, when it is entirely preventable.

    There are ten heroes from Adam to Noah, and ten (or 11?) again to Abraham, and we think Melchizedek, “King of Salem” and Jaru-Salem who did the sacrament of bread and wine at Mount Moriah, may be Shem, who was still living according to the numbers, and would be the only one to reject human sacrifice and worship “God Most High,” as Abraham did.

  5. You know so so much more about my heritage than I know, or ever knew. Fascinating and appreciated. I have known some red-headed Jews.

    And lamentable that some Jews, I am afraid too many, who mistake “Israel Love” for appreciation of Jews will participate in wrong doing.

    And who would have thunk that McDonald was a Jewish name!

    • Well, we don’t really think the Japhethites are Jews, but they are scattered, and the ten tribes still unknown. The photographer woman lives in St. Petersburg, and I was telling ALKR3, the blogger, that I would almost risk the journey for such merchandise, but not quite!

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