Electors Consider: Small Pool of Generals?

   Professor Fever from the political science department at Duke University reminds us of the 81 Generals who signed the statement that the Donald was a danger to America. Since these will not be working for the Donald, there would be a dangerous transition, should the Electors confirm the Trumpster despite obvious Russian interference and electoral irregularities. Are we sure “Mad Dog” Mattus is enough to make up for this loss of experience?

   It is growingly obvious that something is very wrong throughout the world due to Russian internet capabilities. We suspect that the strange and sudden turn to the right are Russian manufacture, even as the rising death toll in Syria. We believe that the ends of these tendencies is a disaster that can be avoided by wise action.

   The strange thing about wise action, in averting disasters, is that nothing happens. There is no glory, and things go on as they should, with the usual daily troubles of human life. We recall a teaching attributed to Churchill, that the goal of statesmanship is to “preserve the normal,” and preventing disasters is what he means. When nothing happens, thee is no glory, so that the public politicians and those who seek a reputation often miss the opportunity. That is why wisdom is called for in such circumstances, and why our constitution provides electors.


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