Electors Consider: Actuarial Input

  An actuary is one who figures out odds and probabilities, as for an insurance company. So the word probably means what is likely to become or have been actual, among probable possibilities. One main reason for thinking intuitively that something is wrong with the election is the comparison of the popular and swing state vote. Input the assumptions of Russian interference, which is known from the DNC mail, and Bright Bart false news and such. Run the scenarios with the assumption of no interference and the assumption of interference, and give me the results.

   Input too the 80,000 votes with no president chosen, and compare this number in the swing states and in the states where the election was not in contention. I believe the results give plenty of reason for a through investigation, not only of mechanical hacking, but interference with the voting populous, as through spy-marketing system and tactics. If this were done, the electors should not vote for the Trumpster even if it cannot be proven, but we can say this looks and smells fishy. Besides, if they do not, it will destroy our nation, which may be why it was done.

   This also happens to be just the time in the development of the internet when this stuff could get away from us, and just the time when the FBI thought they would ignore the fourth Amendment and allow even out televisions to spy on us without limit because we are so afraid of terrorism. Having demonstrated the Russian abilities and intention, with Kaspersky providing security for 400,000,000 accounts, and other possibilities we have not thought of yet, and also having some understanding of what tyrants are like, I think I have presented plenty of reason for the government to inquire and for the electors not to vote for Donald Trump. The inquiry, my website and the website of J,. Alex Halderman have been messed with, and no one even has the imagination to inquire, to trace these things to their source. We will get what we deserve, and a lot of other people totally innocent will also get what we deserve. The world is turning toward fascism: the Philippines is a preview .

   Inquiry is also blocked by the assumption that thee can be no conspiracies, since conspiracy theories are often half baked. I never even began to fall for the 911 conspiracy theories, and was appalled when 10% of my American government class believed it. I would not be surprised if the government would not look into that 19 year old’s theory that George Bush was a mass murderer. But to say that anyone who has risen in Russian politics would not quaff at mass murder is to restate what would be common knowledge, for anyone who could stand to look.


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